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Magstrike Bladder Replacement

22 February 2009 - 04:47 PM

Materials Needed

-Screwdriver for Magstrike Shell
-Different size screwdriver for bladder screws
-Wildfire bladder
-Wildfire Plastic case thing

Step 1:
Cut the shell like so
Posted Image

Step 2:
Remove the old bladder
Posted Image

Step 3:
Add the Wildfire bladder with protective case thing
Posted Image

Step 4:
Screw the Bladder screws in
Posted Image

Step 5:
Put it back together
Posted Image

Vulcan Box Mod

06 January 2009 - 06:39 PM

Well after a few wars using my stock vulcan, I decided it was time for a mod. Since looking at pictures of the vulcan internals scared me, I decided to mod the chain. After removing the pegs of my 5 chains, I still wasn't satisfied. During nerf wars I would have 25 darts loaded, but it would all go so fast, I knew how to connect the chains, but it wouldn't work unless you have a box to put them in, so here it is:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Pretty self-explanitory, the box is hot glued to an old cookie thing, a hole is cut out in the bottom of the Vulcan box, and it works!
The reason why I didn't cut the whole bottom part of the box is because if I wanted to use a 25 dart chain, I could use that instead of a 50 dart chain. The only FLAW is that it would sometimes jam but the jam would clear after a few shots, I think this is because although there is a box, it still can't handle pulling the chains vertically. A possible solution to this "flaw" is to connect the box horizontally, but that would require velcro or something because that little nub isn't strong enough to hold the box and vulcan together if you were to connect the cookie thing horizontally.
Hope that made sense...

A Simple Home-made

06 January 2009 - 06:28 PM

Well, I wanted a home-made, after seeing many new write-ups about "SNAPS" and such...I decided that a home-made that uses a plunger mechanism would be too complicated for me. I remembered linish22's "stefanzooka" and decided to make it...
It got less than 40' and blew up 3 times, I PM'd linish and he/she suggested to make the entire gun a home made, so this is what I came up with:
Posted Image
Close up of "trigger mech"
Posted Image
Size comparison to Vulcan:
Posted Image

As you can see, the bottom of the stock is an "elbow" I didn't have any more endcaps so I just filled it with Hotglue and it holds air. It uses a plugged Magstrike pump and I have to pump it about 20 times until it gets hard to pump. After my first range test today it got an average of 70-80', any shorter a barrel and it got 30-50'...which isn't good...

Well...I did hot glue the internal parts before putting them inside the coupler and hot glued the parts externally too, which I then covered in e-tape.

I'm guessing you're talking about that "PVC cement" stuff, well I didn't use normal SCH40, I used some "IPS" pipe (accidentally bought in thinking that it was PVC) the stuff says "350PSI @ 73 degrees F" but it also does say PVC on there...
You can buy PVC adhesive at Lowe's or something right?

My Ertl Rapid Fire Shotgun

23 October 2008 - 10:07 PM

O.K. first of all NO! this isn't my other write up...i'm stupid enough to post my first write up here for the sake of it...it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I've seen the "doomsayer" twice now, 1 is Forsaken angel's, and 1 is Assasin NF's, both of them inspired me to get off my lazy butt, get my "already modified" ERTL Rapid Fire shotgun, and IMPROVE IT. So here we go!
Oh and here's a few pro's and con's compared to my other write-up:
Pro's (CPVC removable):
Different reload method
Easier reload
Multiple ammo types
Con's (CPVC removable):
lower velocity
Pro's (my CPVC'd "doomsayer" crappy gun):
Higher velocity
Higher accuracy (although needs better darts)
More effecient
Higher ranges (assumed)
Con's (my CPVC'd "doomsayer" crappy gun):
Can only take micro's (but who uses megas anyway?)
Harder/slower reload time (RoF)
-12, 6 or 8 inch rods of CPVC
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-Silicone Lube (recommended)
-Another spring (optional)
-File (for cleanliness' sake)
-UNKNOWN drill bit sizes
By the way, here's my other mod
So I can't really tell which is better...but here we go:

Step 1:
Cut the orange part off:

Step 2:
Open it up:

Step 3:
Optional: Add LS spring (or any other):
Posted Image
Step 4:
From FA_24's write-up...Hot glue the bottom plunger head, then add e-tape
Don't forget to add lube to the plunger tube and the plunger head
Posted Image
Step 5:
Unscrew Turret:

Step 6:
Drill/Dremel/File/"X-acto knife" the bottom of the turret to fit the CPVC pipe:
(I had the drill bit, but it was too big for my drill...so I used my hands
Posted Image
Step 7:
Put the turret back together
Step 8:
Sand the rings down: (I didn't have a dremel, so I used sandpaper/drillbit combo...)
Posted Image
Step 9:
Put the CPVC in: (make sure you take out the original turret part, seen in the last photo)
Posted Image
Step 10:
Hot glue the CPVC into the turret:
Posted Image
Step 11:
Hot glue the turret, for a better seal:
Posted Image
Step 12:
Cut the shell
Posted Image
Step 13:
Drill/Dremel Holes in the back:
Posted Image
Step 14:
Close'r back up!: (I removed the rotation mech, 'cause I don't have the tools to make it rotate)
Posted Image
So there, I officially have my own "doomsayer" although I still believe it isn't worthy to be called that...
('cause it doesn't have "decor" in the middle...hehehe)

EDIT, Ranges:
Ok, first of all, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE GUN, O.k. this is a horrible range test, you can see that from the results. I usually show my finished product to my parents and yesterday, my dad was complaining that I couldn't rotate the barrel easily. Today, I decided to fix that, so TOMORROW I will try my best to get accurate ranges.
The problem was:
1.) My darts suck
2.) The barrel wasn't alligned right with the plunger, therefore causing shots to suck
3.) The seal not being good enough, I opened it and fixed that, will post pictures soon.
(From least to greatest)
Average: 55'
But i'll blame it on my darts, which are crappy, over-expanded pieces of poop...except for that one dart that was pushed into the CPVC and got 72'...I was pretty surprised when that fired, then they all started being stupid and not going far...oh well, life is full of risks, and I decided to take one.
I only shot 6 because everyone was staring at me (like adults and little kids) when I was doing this...so there...I'm going to go and cut my wrists now and be depressed for the rest of my life for this failure...(no i'm just kidding, I wouldn't really do that...)

Ertl Rapid Fire Shotgun

06 October 2008 - 09:58 PM

Although it isn't a first post, I finally made a (good) write-up. It is a Bass Pro Shop Rapid Fire Shotgun. Each barrel is 6 inches of CPVC, all of them are removable (good thing you didn’t have to ram-rod all of those 12 barrels). You can even fire the stock megas! (Although micro’s are way better)
Posted Image
*=optional step
Oh and Sorry for the pictures with the flash, my light isn't strong enough.
It's also recommended for you to do these mods:

1.) Forsaken_angel24's "Doomsayer" write-up, where you sand down the turret rings, and the plunger head mods
2.) AssasinNF's mod to strenghtening the rotating mechanism, and the O-ring seal improvement.

-Screwdriver/Drill with long Drill bit
-Pliers (depends on your strength)
-Longshot spring (optional)
-12, 6 inch rods of ½'' CPVC
(I first tried 8’’ but it was too long, darts kept jamming)

Step 1*:
Cut the orange cap part off:
(In another write-up, I read that you could pry the orange part off, yet you'll
have to cut off the shell anyway, so what's the point?)

Step 2:
Unscrew gun, good thing there aren’t any catch springs that would fly out.
Posted Image

Step 3*:
Add the Longshot (or other) spring
Posted Image

Step 4:
Unscrew the turret screws (if you have trouble getting the turret out
try twisting/rolling it out):

Step 5:
Depending on your strength, here’s where you need your pliers:
Now since I did the mod then the write-up, the turret is sealed with hot glue
and it’s hard to pull off, so I’ll have to explain it with the turret intact.
(I did this ‘cause I was stupid and did it the hard way…which took like 10
times as long as it was supposed to)
Posted Image

Step 6:
Take out the Ar’s completely. Oh and they fly out when you pull the turret apart.

Step 7:
Put the Turret back together, including the screws.

Step 8:
Now take your dremel/files/sandpaper (I used a drill with a drill-bit covered in sandpaper)
and sand down the front part of the turret.
Posted Image

Step 9:
Cut down the shell, file if you want, make sure to leave a little piece though:
Posted Image

Step 10:
Close her back up!
Cpvc'd, (micro's)
Posted Image
No barrels (mega's)
Posted Image

Darn I knew I forgot something:
30' With the stock megas it came with
60' With stock micros
70-80' With CaptainSlug Darts
50'-70' With fishtailing stefans