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Bbb Telescoping Barrel

15 June 2006 - 06:32 PM

This barrel design is by cxwq from this article. The basic idea is one size too small of brass for the first 2", then the right size for 6" (I added 2 inches because I have narrow darts), then one too big for the last 2". All of that, inside 1/2" SCH40 PVC to look cooler. So, on with the pictures then. This has been a project for a while for me, because I had to find the right brass, and my supplier wasn't carrying the size I needed for months, just the sizes around it mistakenly labeled.

Internals are more or less unmodded. Once I took the original barrel off the restrictor came with it.

Posted Image

Here's the three sizes of brass and the pvc in order of smallest to largest. I had to cut the middle of the biggest brass because I didn't have enough (or $2.50 to go get more. Welcome to college.).

Posted Image

Here's the brass all together... I guess for those of you who didn't understand what I had to do to the biggest brass to get it to cover the front and back.

Posted Image

Completed gun, breech off.

Posted Image

Breech on, cocked. Ain't she a beaute? I'll have ranges actual ranges soon, but right now looks like 75 ft accurate range, and I might be able to hit 100 at an angle with no accuracy at all.

Crayola'd Bbb

11 October 2005 - 06:34 PM

Sorry, no pics yet, but I thought I should let you guys know that this is an incredibly easy mod if you use stock micros and want to shoot them out of your BBB (Or if stefans work with crayolas... either way). Here's a quick run-down. I took out the restrictor from my BBB and dremelled out the extra stuff in the barrel (that held the restrictor in it). Then I thought to myself "hey, this is just barely too big to fire one of my micros...". So I ran to my modding kit and grabbed my last crayola barrel from my failed mav experiment (brown, if you must know), and slipped it in. It was a perfect fit. Almost as if they designed it to fit a crayola barrel inside. Range and power are pretty awesome. I'll get measurements or pics if anyone cares, but you can imagine that it still sucks compared to a good stefan mod.

Langley's Semi

11 August 2005 - 12:58 PM

OK, I was reading through the LGLF's web site and saw your work on a semi-auto valve, and it looks awesome. I saw that you don't know what the blue part should be, which got me thinking. First, I had to figure out the problem, and if I got this wrong feel free to disregard the rest of this. It looks like it has to be something that will pull back a little before actually releasing the valve, otherwise you could make a straight track from the air source to the barrel, depressurizing the whole thing into one big shot (a homemade titan...). Your ideas lead me to believe that you would solve this problem with something that goes into the barrel a fraction of an inch, but if this worked you'd probably have built a working valve already.

My first idea was to use something flexible. You've got air pressure working for you, so something rubber would hold onto the barrel until it was pulled completely off, well after the trigger part (brass) was far enough back to block air flow. Then the air pressure that's only in the trigger part would push it back over the barrel, and since it's flexible it would push back into it until the air could re-load the "expansion chamber" (sorry, making up terms).

You've probably already thought of this, but would you try using one of those rubber springy things? The little quarter machine poppy domes would work perfectly, if you could get them fastened well.

::edit:: BLAST! I could swear I put this in homemades... can I get a thread move please?

Maverick Cylindar

07 March 2005 - 11:55 PM

I dont know if any of you were getting as frustrated with the maverick cylindar only opening enough for you to load one or two darts, but I was. So I openned it up and took out the pieces that keep it from openning it all the way, now it swings out to a 90 degree angle and spins better when released (for that dramatic spin-close that at least I love so much...). Just thought I'd let you guys in on it, hadn't seen anyone else posting about it.

New Here

04 March 2005 - 01:19 AM

Alright, to get started, I am a college student new to this whole field. Not that I've never modded anything before, I've been messing with stuff since I was a little kid... off story.

I am a sophomore in computer engineering, and just last semester re-discovered Nerf [some friends and I were walking through a wal-mart and we noticed the "Unity" system.] Anyway, after firing it and thinking "wow, this is weaker than I remember", I decided to look online to see if any teenagers with too much time on their hands had ever modded a nerf gun. I was surprized with what I found. I came back here after buying the maverick (because I'm a huge revolver fan). Unfortunately I've only found one good mav mod, but we'll see what I can pull off.

Also, I've noticed that nobody has tried rifling barrels, any reason for that? Oh well. With a university's tools at my fingertips, my own enginuity and the knowhow already demonstrated on this site, I should be able to pull off some cool stuff.