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Looking for Specifics on OOD's Proton Pack

14 October 2019 - 12:09 AM

TL;DR, looking for an actual comprehensive write-up that not just I, but a lot of people will want to have access to.

I want to eventually build an OOD Proton Pack and have it connected to a Jupiter on the bottom of my FDL-2X as a foregrip, thus making a sort of flamer-masterkey that will be quite terrifying in the VFBA games it's brought to (there's a lot of cover and something like that would be very useful for getting heads down), but there's something that's rather hard to get a hold of, and that's a comprehensive tutorial on actually building the thing.

If it already exists, link me too, that'd be great.

Whole weekend style games?

04 August 2018 - 09:23 PM

Not sure if this has been done, please correct me if this is the case, and, not sure how feasible it'd be, but maybe at some point, someone could take the idea of a standard round and extend it to a multi-day long one, sort of combining the rules of engagement in team deathmatch with the around-the-clock, and long-term scenario posed by HvZ (except no zombies)?

I personally think it'd be kind of interesting to have a situation in which your players camped out over a weekend and had to deal with the "danger" of other players coming at their camp at night, and how, if this became common like HvZ, how people's loadouts and blaster choices would be affected.

Armoured Rules?

24 July 2018 - 11:13 PM

This is perhaps an extension of the highly controversial shields question (that is, ban/limit/have a piercing or destructive weakness/allow unrestricted), but maybe for some games, perhaps some specialized armour rules would be a good way to add a dynamic (and the light/heavy dichotomy) to the games you play?


If I may throw around some ideas:

  • Perhaps wearing actual obvious armour like Captain Xavier's plate carrier or a helmet can't be "pierced" by Elites, but Megas/Stefans/rockets/Rival can pierce them. The logic here is shields are generally built much, MUCH thicker and heavier than body armour, both in Nerf and IRL, so the more specialized ammo types can pierce while the shields will stop them. Mostly because in armour you can see or feel if a specialized projectile hits you, but if someone spams a proton pack, a Rapidstrike and a Mastodon at you, you wouldn't really be able to keep track of whether you were hit, say, 16 times or 4. One pierce=1 tag is probably better. Also, stefans fire at a very high velocity, and in real battle, a higher-velocity projectile is much better at piercing armoured plates, and massive shields can, in fact, be pierced by super-powerful Longshot builds using half-lengths.
  • Obviously fairly standard eye protection (IE safety glasses or goggles) wouldn't be a form of armour, and neither would a mask over the lower face, but a "closed" helmet (such as https://www.nfstrike...tml?sku=2458672 ) would count as a form of armour when the face is covered?
  • If you're hit where you're not armoured, even an Elite will tag you, and possibly a limit on how much armour coverage you can wear (like shield size limits)? This may force players to really pick and choose where their armour coverage is and will provide some dynamic considerations to armour choices.
  • Perhaps even a standard list of what counts as armour protection, which each group can agree on, so that someone doesn't strap cardboard to their back and say it's a form of armour?

Obviously I'm just throwing ideas out there, lemme know what you think.

Safe way to compressor mod a Titan?

09 July 2018 - 05:38 PM

I know someone somewhere has probably made a mod guide for this, but I couldn't find one.


Titans are awesome. Pumping them manually sucks. Big tanks=big boom, but that can result in shrapnel if not done correctly.


So I was wondering if anyone did a mod guide on how to PROPERLY compressor mod a Titan?

Ballistic coefficients?

25 April 2018 - 02:20 PM

Since we have velocities down to a science, I'm wondering if we've got anyone who's calculated the ballistic coefficients of various darts? My thinking is we could, with this variable, calculate ranges based on FPS and wind, since we know Stefans and full lengths weigh roughly 1g and Megas weigh 3.