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In Topic: Smaller caliber darts?

12 March 2020 - 11:06 PM

Way back in the day (like 15+ years ago) Some people experimented with 3/8" darts but they never came to anything.

Do you remember how they made/sourced the 3/8" darts? Or what they used as barrels?

In Topic: Any Tactical Nerf Vest Recommendations?

09 January 2019 - 12:28 PM

Depends on your timeline, generally my recommendations take a long time ti import, but LighTake can generally send some decent stuff if you have time, and if you have months, BlasterSmiths UK could too.

Otherwise, I recommend you get AK-47 mag pouches, since they fit our mags just fine.

In Topic: Vancouver Island Nerfers?

21 December 2017 - 08:49 PM

As much ad you may despise me ATM, Im in Tacoma WA, and can see your island when I drive around the peninsula on trips. Ive heard there is a fairly frequent war up at fort Worden in Port Townsend.

Not having actually made it up to Canada yet, I dont know where the easiest crossings are, especially from the island. Id imagine somewhere on the peninsulas coast there would have a clipper port though, and those sound easy enough from all their ads.

It was noting personal, sorry for getting out of hand, I was a bit screwy from rocky sleep patterns. Unfortunately I can't leave the island or the country. No car, funding for the ferry or passport though. And I can't really afford to stay in Vancouver for any period of time.

In Topic: Verdict on the Worker aluminium FWC kit?

20 December 2017 - 01:44 AM

I've not heard of anyone using the worker motor setups, so if you want actual figures take the setup I gave you which is well-documented and includes a switch. Or make another one for +/- the same cost with known-good parts and not mystery box stuff.

I'll just leave this here. If I cared to spend another few minutes looking, I could get posts from any other credible flywheel-proponent on how *terrible* trustfires (and indeed, anyfires) are for our purposes.


Your successful use of them does not make them the correct choice, and does not stop them being a potential hazard.

I find it funny that you consider Trustfires a potential hazard while attempting to sell devices that are effectively bombs waiting to happen if the outer casing (which is soft and easy to damage and even needs fireproof bags to safely charge) is in any way compromised. Sure, they produce loads of current and have less sag. But they don't have thick steel walls protecting the insides. And I've run Trustfires out of power constantly revving before they even got hot enough to be uncomfortable to grab.

In Topic: Verdict on the Worker aluminium FWC kit?

20 December 2017 - 12:31 AM

IMO, don't waste your money and instead get this known-good setup for the same cost:


Artifact Wheels: $14.25

OFP Cage (42-3 mm): $12

MTB Rhino (2x): $10


And you also get a

Switch: $5.50


Total looks like $41.75 + Shipping from Portland, OR


Then also get:

Wire: $4

A real battery + charger: $36

And an XT-60 Connector: $1.25


For another $41.25, bringing the grand total to $83.00 + Shipping. Alternatively, use your trustfires and burn your blaster and/or house down, spending the $44 again on the kit + whatever on batteries and not even touching replacing your blaster or house.


Optionally, replace the battery + charger for a 3S LiPo + charger, but OOD doesn't sell LiPo chargers. Be aware, the motors I've linked aren't ideal for the battery; but OOD carries 2S motors and 3S batteries (and better motors, and etc.etc.).

I was looking for actual figures on this particular setup I was mentioning, not an entirely different setup. And I don't know what kind of banana peels you've been smoking, since I've been running Trustfires in all of my builds for a LONG time without a single issue involving heat or catching fire.