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On single-handing a Nerf Strongarm or Maverick

26 July 2016 - 08:54 PM

(edit: killing useless wall of text)
I recommend when practicing to try over a bed at first, in case you drop them.
The following is provided in a step-by-step fashion for pedagogical purposes. Once you get a feel for how a Strongarm feels in motion (or even in midair), you can abbreviate and style up as you please.
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First three images illustrate the hand size requirements. If you're looking to try this technique out and getting a Strongarm for this purpose, try the following grip on a boxed Strongarm in the shop before you purchase.
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1. A basic grip.
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2. Flick the blaster such that it rests in the palm of your hand, as if Cradling it. Note the thumb position securing the blaster to your palm.
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3. Flick one more time, this time catching the end of the slide under your index finger and engaging it. You squeeze the blaster between your thumb and forefinger to hold most of its weight. The rest of your hand does the rest.
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4. Squeeze to cock, then reverse the previous to return to basic (flick, flick).
When accustomed to technique, can switch grips in one flick, and in any position (down, going up, to sides)

Also see imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/NBzqu