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In Topic: On single-handing a Nerf Strongarm or Maverick

25 October 2016 - 09:37 PM

Had a chance to use it in a few wars with the Strongarm, and practiced with my old Mav and a new Rebelle Allegiant six-shooter. A few notes about the technique:


  1. Highly recommended to use this with Mavericks. Strongarm and Allegiant's draw length (how far the slide must travel) is maybe 125% that of a Maverick's. This means your hand will be at the very end of its curl distance long before the catch engages with the Strongarms. This might be solved by filling in the cut-away section of the back of the grip (under the slide) with eputty. Still have to try.
  2. Risk of some kind of muscle pain in the back of the hand if used while unprepared or fatigued for the technique. I recommend as a backup technique (I usually use my dominant hand only so I can return fire while holding an empty Stryfe/EAT in the other hand). Also, mild benefit from training with a grip exerciser; use ring-and-two-handles so you can work your thumb. The keyed version for four fingers has middling benefits.
  3. Allegiant is a special case; the slide tip is too smooth to engage with a fingertip reliably. I've fumbled blaster katas with them regularly, and the grip contour is more aggressive, which makes the draw length section more centered over the thumb and therefore harder.
  4. Obviously, spring upgrades only make this technique harder to perform.
  5. Holding two Strongarms out in front of you turns every encounter into a Mexican standoff. I may be outnumbered, but I guess knowing I have the second shot gives people pause.

In Topic: Aluminum parts

25 October 2016 - 04:57 PM

The current alternative 3D-printed Sentinel handle is a nice comfy squared ring that can actually fit four fingers.


A universal breech in 17/32 OD? Instant sealed breech, just add brass (notrly)