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Suggestions for motor-replacing a flywheel blaster while still using I

02 May 2016 - 03:22 PM

Hey all, new user and first post, so bear with me a little bit;


After significant searching online and in too many forums, I've still yet to come across a good answer to the following question, and my own know-how for electronics is nowhere near significant enough to find the specifications I need by name, so:


I'm looking for a drop-in 130 motor replacement for a Demolisher/etc. flywheel blaster, similar to the MTB Rhinos, but that will run on 4 IMR 3.7v batteries. I know that about 105% of you will say "Well, in the end, a LiPO block will do you better" and I get that, but I don't care, right now i'd just like to run off 4 IMR batteries in the standard battery casing.


I've already upgraded the wiring to 18ga, and am using the worker Demolisher flywheels (This particular mod i'm working on is for a Demolisher), but with 2 IMR batteries and 2 dummies, which is I feel the maximum safe amount I can do on stock motors for continued (1-hour long period) usage, I'm still not getting the performance i'd like, so i'd like to replace the motors so I can safely pop in 4 IMRs.


Anyone have any recommendations, information, or other advice they can give with this? Will the MTB Rhinos function on 4 IMRs, albeit not at maximum performance? Or will they demand too much current from the battery and give me trouble (Even with your average IMR getting an extra 5-600 mAh when compared to a li-ion battery).


Thanks in Advance, and hopefully don't be too harsh in case of my ignorance on subjects,