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What to do about that glue!

24 May 2016 - 10:33 AM

Hello again everyone...


So I'm tearing into some mods... I recently thrifted a Nerf Airtech 2000 ($2 dolla no holla) and want to modify the barrels to accept modern darts by removing the AR's and posts, as well as plugging the over-pressure relief valve, but in order to do so the way I want to (cleanly) I have to disassemble the blaster.

Unfortunately, the shell section that the plunger rod passes through is solvent-welded (as described by Drac in his vids) to the shell and is not two-piece.

In his videos Drac mentions methods for separating solvent welded parts (aka the "boiling water" method) but I have yet to see anyone elaborate on how this is done or demonstrate it aside from crudely prying things apart. I'm also interested in modding a Demolisher and again this would be useful in this regard.

Can anyone tell me how to separate this without damaging the gun/part? What about scoring the part in-line with the shell halves so it will separate, rather than breaking it loose?

Thanks in advance,


Smooth vs Toothy Flywheels, Options, Sources

13 May 2016 - 07:51 PM

Alright, did a quick search and haven't really seen anyone discussing this yet, so here goes:

I've seen various reviews/opinions/videos on the Worker aftermarket flywheels, which are concave and toothed, compared to the flat, smooth Nerf stock flywheels.

I am of the opinion that the teeth are less beneficial than a good, well-seasoned smooth flywheel, but at the same time, I feel like the concave nature of the Worker wheels would be further improved in by a lack of teeth, as we all know a smooth surface generally provides greater friction in most circumstances, and a concave, smooth flywheel to me seems like it would have not only the most friction, but improved dart alignment which = accuracy.

I also appreciate that the general consensus is the Worker wheels are more well balanced than stock, leading to less vibration and noise.



1. I want to swap the toothy flywheels in my Stockade for Barricade flywheels... anyone know where I can find some?

2. Has anyone ever produced a concave-surface flywheel (like the Workers) without the teeth?

Perhaps this has been discussed previously, but it just seems to me that the dart-contacting surfaces of the flywheels isn't often considered in what I've read and watched thus far. Thanks in advance.