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In Topic: Whats the best Nerf gun to use with bad rounds?

07 June 2016 - 10:50 AM

Sure hope this isn't a "necro", but I have some thoughts that weren't mentioned.

One of my all time favorite blasters is the Barricade/Stockade. There are many drawbacks, like a poorly positioned switch rather than a rev trigger, but even so, the combination of the front loading turret (no mags to jam) and great flywheels/motors (for a stock blaster), the Elite Stockade will throw just about anything well enough. If you opt for the Barricade, you should plan to mod it.

That said, I'm a huge fan of the Rebelle line, and despite the sexist targeting and ergonomics, they tend to perform as well if not better than many similar elite blasters. If you like the idea of a turret/flywheel blaster, as it can throw any dart, but the 10 round capacity of the Stockade seems limited, I would recommend the Rebelle Fearless Fire.

The only negative I can say about this blaster is the proportions are tiny; The rev trigger is contoured for a small hand/finger making it almost sharp to push with my middle finger, as are the grips/trigger which barely accommodate my hand, and the shoulder stock is also quite short. Even so, the blaster performs amazingly! Might be our hardest-hitting flywheel blaster to date, out of the box. Much faster and more consistent than any of our three Stryfes, and on par or even a little better than my Demolisher, which I think pretty highly of.

Again though, I'm built big, 5' 11" 245lbs and men's-large glove size, which isn't huge, and the Fearless Fire is a pistol at best for me. I plan to mod it to make it as such. Out of the box, though it makes a wonderful hip-firing blaster, and our four-year-old little girl absolutely destroys people with it.

If ergonomics are important, I would go with the Elite Stockade. All of the blasters I mentioned can be had for $30 or less, and the Barricade can be had for $5-$15, on eBay.

Finally, if you can wait, Nerf will be coming out with the "Alien Menace" line this fall, which will include what I hope will be a larger proportioned 20-rd turret flywheel blaster. That's what I'm waiting for!

Hope this helps!

In Topic: Retaliator Modification Guide - Supreme HvZ Primary

31 May 2016 - 12:52 PM

Draconis, they do sell a product to help butthurt dudes that troll the interwebz tearing everyone down in order to make their pathetic excuse of a life more bearable. HYPERLINK WIZARDRY

ANALITY! I know this is an old thread, but that was f'ing hilarious.

Edit: Ice Nine didn't think so, but so far he's the only one.

"Mods by Coop, or how to get kids to install stuff made by companies, so I can get a kickback for the advertisement."

*EDIT*: I was mistaken thinking that Draconis was the same as Drac, AKA Lord Drac, the "vampire" from youtube.

I have been notified that this is not the case by perhaps a half dozen people... thanks, I got it now. Apologies to those offended. If I was Lord Drac I'd be pissed.

Supposedly Draconis is respected member of this community. So far I've only read thread he's involved in, and I don't respect him. He needs to quit worrying (being jealous) about how other men make their money. Kudos Coop, if only we all got paid to play with toys.

I tried all the links provided by the OP... notta-one was anything more than a search form cut-and-paste for Worker parts on TaoBao... no direct sales links. He didn't even link to the Retaliator, which he could have.

Draconis is wrong, at least in this case, and so are the admins who protect him. This is a perfect example of the definition of the word Libel, and as far as I can tell is in violation of nerf haven rules... I.E. the comment was good old fashioned trolling, at best.

I mean, if the mod was so bad, why accept it as a submission to the contest? Just so you can ridicule him? Grow the f*ck up. *END EDIT*



Edit: Thanks! Totally worth it. Love your profile by the way, Ice Nine... so appropriate.

In Topic: Foam in the Fort Redux

31 May 2016 - 08:28 AM

That's from several years ago. Before I got my depression treated, I kinda withdrew from everything, including not mailing out a bunch of things people paid for. Everythings been made right since then, and I've wondered about asking how it can be removed, but I'm still cautious about me and usually just bring things to wars to deal in person.


It takes a good man to admit when he's wrong, and to be honest with others, and to wear a mark without hiding in shame. As one who has been through hell and dealt with his own struggles, I know how hard this can be. Kudos.

In Topic: Foam in the Fort Redux

30 May 2016 - 07:50 AM



Simply, I exchanged emails with the relevant office for Ft Wayne Parks, and then they stopped answering, without saying that yes or no holding a Nerf event there would be ok, or if I would need a permit, etc. And I really don't feel like holding a war anyway and putting up with anyone going nuts about it.

No worries, just wondering. I hear you about not wanting to deal with people.

Unrelated Q, hope you don't mind me asking, but, the user icon/info to the left of your posts (with Sparty- Go Green!) why does it say "Do not buy from this memeber" and "DO NOT TRADE" ?

Is this intentional?

In Topic: What to do about that glue!

30 May 2016 - 07:46 AM

Solvent welding works by changing the chemical bonding of the plastic so the pieces rebound together, heating the plastic and inserting the water will break those bonds and allow the method to work, just monitor it closely



Just dip as little of it as you can in the water and you should be good.



You should just be safe and watch it as it boils, taking it out maybe every 20-30 seconds. Obviously don't leave it boiling for five minutes.

Awesome, thanks guys... I wasn't sure if this is a legit method, but I will give it a go. Worst case scenario I'm out a couple bucks (and a well-functioning AT2K)  but I'll be careful.