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Titan Not Firing With More Than 9 Pumps

10 April 2010 - 07:42 PM

Hey guys,

I've recently purchased a Titan and it was going well for the first few days of use (I could get 20 pumps with it and it would shoot well, like a Titan should).

Today however, whenever I pump it more than 9 times, it would only let out tiny amounts of air - barely enough to even make the rocket leave the Titan.

If I pump the pressure gauge to just under full, it would let all the air out, but anymore than that, and it wouldn't let all the air out.

Does this have something to do with the check valve? Is it something that can be fixed or should I return it for a new one?



Lanard Shotgun Brassed

06 March 2010 - 02:10 AM

Hi All,

Thought I'd show everyone what I did to this shotgun to make it more effective.

First of all I need to say that I loved the 3 shot concept... it was just a damn shame that it didn't work.

And so... I had to brass it out.

Posted Image

I used 9/16 brass as I could not find any 7/32.

Posted Image

To have the brass fit in the existing grooves I had to wrap each one in electrical tape. This took a while.

Posted Image

The seal to the plunger is good but the darts are a little loose in the brass. I am waiting for some petg. When that arrives I'll slide it into the brass.

Posted Image

I took off the buttstock and now it's a good looking shotty.

* I also did Mr Badwrench's internal mods from Nerfhaven - http://nerfhaven.com...mode=linearplus

I believe this helped performance somewhat. Thanks for that Mr Badwrench!

This shotty now shoots 10-12 metres flat, which is much better than the 4 mtrs it did stock.

Enjoy my friends.

- Sean

Vulcan Gears Of War Paintjob

02 January 2009 - 01:06 AM

Hi everyone,
I painted my Vulcan a month or so ago for a prop in a costume party get-up. Thought I'd share some pics with the community.

Note - as a little side mod, I did the 50 belt attachment, and bought a tracer box from the disposals shop. It is held onto the vulcan with 2 pieces of rare earth magnets and some foam.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Less Than Satisfactory Maverick

01 January 2009 - 04:32 AM

Hi guys,

I've been coming here for ages for various mods and such but have never needed to post till now. I have finally come up against a problem with a modded blaster that I cannot solve. So I seek input, as however many registered heads on this forum are better than one.

I had recently purchased a Nerf Maverick.
Of course, the first thing I did when I bought it home was to take out the AR's and to do the barrel mod (the one that allows more of the barrel to come out).
Everything was working fine until the AR removal, and now I get 3 misfires per load, and the rest barely make it 3 metres away from me...

I then rechecked all the internals and they looked fine. God knows how many times I have taken the blaster apart and re-assembled it now. I even went as far as to do the straw mod for the maverick (except I used blu-tac instead of expandable foam for the chambers). This, to my great disappointment, did nothing for me.

Is there something I missed completely? Everything inside the gun looks super tight to me and there shouldn't be any air leakage as far as I can see.

I will try get some pictures up here soon when I get home so you can all take a better look of the gun.

Input would be very appreciated.