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Tornadowbow help

19 May 2016 - 05:04 PM

Hello everyone. As some of you know, I thrifted a Koosh Vortex Tornado a while back, and now I want to turn it into a Tornadobow. This thread is intended to request help and ask a few questions about doing this because 1: I have no money to spend, and 2: I have no power tools. So, lets ask some questions. Maniacal coyote, maybe you can use this thread too.
1: Plunger tube? I currently have the tube part of a squirt gun (the long tube kind, begs to be made into a plunger tube) taped into my tornado. I dod this because I didn't have anything else to use, and it fit right. I can cut the plunger head off of the other piece, it has a perfect seal.
2. Catch? I have access to most hand tools outside of a rasp and rat tail file, and yes aeromech, I saw your youtube video. That probably will work, but I need polycarb or pvc sheets, which I would have to buy online unless I can find it at ace.
3. Spring? Ace spring could work, other than that I don't have many options. Maybe buying cheap ones online?
Please help. I also have as raw materials: Tapes of various kinds, 1/2 inch pvc and cpvc, a local ace hardware, milk jugs(?) wood, metal bar, junk in general.
Sidenote: the ring launcher is completely functional outside of the shell. It just looks HIGHLY phallic.Attached File  image.jpeg   191.17KB   107 downloadsAttached File  image.jpeg   109.05KB   104 downloadsAttached File  image.jpg   168KB   106 downloads

My koosh vortex rings

20 February 2016 - 12:40 PM

Homemade rings write up

Recently, I thrifted a koosh vortex tornado missing it's sight but with it's original rings for 50 cents. I had 4 rings, but I wanted more(as always) so I made some. Disclaimer: no, this is not my original idea. Someone in the thread on making these from tape suggested using promo bands. This idea was not explored, however, until I did.
Here is a pic of what the rings will look like when you finish.
Picture at bottom
Pretty, right? No? Well, they work.
The materials you will need are as follows: Scissors, a measuring tool, rubber bracelets, scotch tape, and a heating tool(heat gun, lighter, stove, hot glue gun tip, etc.).
Pic at bottom
The first step is to cut one horizontally. Nothing too complicated here, just a simple, straight cut will do.
Then, measure and cut the band to ~5.7 inches, or 14 cm. Again, just a simple cut.
The third step is to cut a piece of tape approximately 3 inches, depending on the thickness of your bands. Wrap this around the two ends until you have 3 layers of scotch tape, and make sure it is firmly wrapped so it will stay in place while you heat it. You could stop here, if you want fragile and easily destroyed rings, but you shouldn't.
Finally, use the heating tool on the tape to get it to shrink into itself and really bond the ends together, greatly increasing the durability of your rings. This might take some practice, as the tape likes to shrink very fast.
That's my writeup on my homemade koosh vortex rings for ya. Hope my first topic was a good one. Attached File  image.jpeg   133.89KB   110 downloads Attached File  image.jpeg   171.47KB   104 downloads