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200+ Feet? How?

16 April 2008 - 08:51 PM

I'm working on a transplant project, and I'm looking for nerf guns that shoot really far. I'm stuck between either the titan or the big salvo. I've heard of the titan shooting 200+ feet, and the big salvo shooting 180+ feet. Could anyone explain to me how to do this? I'm leaning toward the big salvo for a semi-auto-long-range type of gun.
I like the idea of being able to reach out and touch somebody from 200 feet away. If anyone has any other gun suggestions, I'm open to them too.

Oh also on a side note, does anyone have the physical dimensions for this part here?:
Posted Image

Thanks in advance! :lol:

Is Nerf Teaching Us That Guns Are Fun/cool?

26 March 2008 - 08:56 AM

Now, I don't consider myself very politically correct or anything, but recently I've asked my friends to have a nerf war with me, and I've showed some of them my guns (recon, and LS). They all replied with something like "does the army have a contract with hasbro?", "what is this teaching kids to play with guns?", "I don't like guns in general" and "hasbro is creating the next line of future soldiers".

This always kind of just rages me. I personally don't like -real- guns and I would never buy one, but I like nerf guns for their novelty. I like that I can shoot my friends without actually hurting them, and for fairly cheap. I've tried airsoft, and paintball, and although they can be fun, it's expensive, and painful to get shot by either. I'd also like to add that you can't really bring either outside without the cops bothering you. Now we all know that the recent N-strike nerf lineup looks "semi-realistic", but it's still is very cartoony. If you look on the side of most n-strike guns you can clearly read "enlist, engage, enforce" or something like that, and I think that all of us here have noticed this. However, I've been nerfing for the past 10 years and I still remember the animal shaped guns, so I know that nerf hasn't been going this route forever.

So now to my question.

1) What do you think of real guns?
2) Do you think that nerf guns promote gun related violence?
3) What is your opinion on the newer more "realistic" N-strike lineup?
4) Nerf is generally considered a toy for boys, so alot of feminists think that toy guns promote the whole "men are powerful" idea in young boys, do you think this is true?
5) What do you think about guns in general( EDIT: nerf, airsoft, paintball, laser)?

I'm just curious as to what you all at Nerfhaven think about this.

EDIT:I wasn't trying to over analyze, these are just questions people have asked me. I gave answers like "toy guns don't make kids into killers", and "The n-strike series doesn't give me the urge to join the army." but I was just curious as to what you all thought.

Also, I don't personally own a real gun, nor do I plan to own one. However, I was curious as to how many of you actually own real guns. I know a large majority of us at nerfhaven are age 21+, and do airsoft and paintball, so yeah...

Ordering Airsoft Guns If You're Under 18

14 March 2008 - 06:22 PM

Hey all, I'm only 17, and I want to purchase this gun here, but it says I need to be 18 to order stuff from there. I will not be using this gun for malicious purposes, I just want to make it shoot nerf darts. I have a paypal account, and I purchase stuff on my own all the time, I've never had to sign for anything, or show any ID, but I'm wondering if this is any different.

tl;dr: will I get caught for being under 18 if I order an airsoft gun online?

Irc Chat?

14 March 2008 - 05:02 PM

I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to host an irc chat room for nerfhaven? I think it would help to cut down on useless posts, because instead of making a new topic to ask a question, people could just ask quick questions in irc.

I did a search before I made this topic, but I know that ipb search requires a minimum of 4 characters, so if this has already been suggested then I apologize.

Ace Hardware #69 Spring In A Longshot

01 March 2008 - 11:35 PM

So I bought one of these beasts earlier today. I've already started making a bolt sled out of aluminum in CAD with a CNC mill. I'm thinking that I'll need to make a new trigger catch out of aluminum too. What else can I do to my Longshot to ensure that it wont explode in my hands when I put this beast in.

Also, has anyone posted any ranges of a LS with this thing in?

Thanks in advance everyone.