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In Topic: Chunlin Darts on Amazon, similar to Xplorer darts

23 October 2015 - 08:50 PM

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delayed response to this thread. Been preoccupied with airsoft lately and it has been a schedule conflict with my local Nerf games (Bay Area Nerf, shameless plug :). Josh & Chris run great games!)

Anyhow I've been able to test with my modded Longshots and Rapidstike indoors.

I'd love to put a more in depth review but time does not permit today so just a quick one for you guys that were waiting on a response

1. Darts are affordable, alternative to the stock Elite.
2. Darts are the same length and had no problems on my flywheel blasters but others have reported different. I just tested with my knockoff stryfe and it works just fine.
3. FPS drops vs an elite. I've seen as much as 10fps.
4. A little more consistent than an elite but not as accurate as the explorer darts.
5. Wont sting like a FVJ when shot at point blank ranges. The tip is quite soft. Coining the phrase "nipple dart" from PYSK. (I'll leave it at that)
6. Non modded blasters (shooting from a stock hammerstrike) it seems like it loses some distance, 5-10ft but accuracy better.
7. Still has some darts that wander off but not as extreme as elites (tested at 40ft)
8. Modded spring blasters they perform well, (modded longshots varying from 5kg - 12kg springs, 8kg retaliator)
9. Have not played a game with it so the true performance is unknown
10. I'd still go with koosh, but these would be an alternate

So hope this helps and doesn't confuse everyone

In Topic: Chunlin Darts on Amazon, similar to Xplorer darts

20 July 2015 - 08:16 PM

Ok, finally got the darts in. Here are the initial pics. I will do a chrono shortly. Unfortunately they arrived 2 weeks two late for me to used them at B.U.R.N

Intial thoughts, very good quality foam. Thicker than the Nerf elite foam. The dart tip is solid but not firm like the solid tip darts from China. They closely resemble the Xplorer V2 tips. I'll do more testing as time allows and report back any additional findings

From left to right: Nerf Elite, Koosh Dart, Accurate (Chunlin), Chinese Dart (Solid Tip), Xplorer V2 Dart, Chinese Elite
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Comparison to Xplorer V2
Posted Image

Comparison to Nerf Elite
Posted Image

Posted Image

So until I get some more testing done, I'll leave it at that and let you guys chime in. I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

In Topic: OMW Hammershot O-Tac S1 Kit

29 June 2015 - 11:56 PM

Well finally got around to installing this kit. I must say, I am disappointed, OMW. This is not a drop in kit at all and needed a lot of modding to make it work smoothly.

Let me see where should I start (I'm sure many of you have heard about the issues already, I'm just going to back them up)

- Barrel fit was fugly. Had to sand and dremel it so it would seat correctly.
- The hammer did fit right. Had to sand and dremel the guide so it would be able to engage.
- Trigger, well it sucked. The rubber coating on mine was peeling and it would get stuck when you pulled the trigger. Had to remove the peeling rubber and trim the trigger to make it work. Winding the trigger spring was not the fix to my issue to increase the return.
- The barrel, well after I initially put it all back together the performance gain was negligible. barely 80fps with new darts. I ended up drilling the barrels out and now it gets full air flow and gets avg 92fps. Much more respectable. And the AR is still intact and functioning.
- The foam that sealed the barrel to the AR was damaged due to the tight tolerance gap between the new barrel and AR. I had to repair it with some E6000.

All in all, this kit needed work. After all the tweaks I did, it's a much happier blaster now. Here is the updated pic of the barrel and install.

Posted Image

Nice to have 6 shots though. I think I'm going to have to throw this on Ebay.

In Topic: Chunlin Darts on Amazon, similar to Xplorer darts

29 June 2015 - 08:10 PM

If you order them, definitely post up your findings. Personally I have a great love for those Koosh Darts, the description in the listing and the product picture sound a little contradictory, and that foam looks weak (in the bending picture) So I would hold off myself, and let someone else take one for the team.

I'll report back my findings when I receive them.

In Topic: Taobao Longshot Shotgun Grip by F10555

28 June 2015 - 11:46 AM

Psyk said that in order to get these that you have to use a secondary site such as Peeka. Is this the case or can you order directly from them and still get it?
If you used a secondary site would you be willing to share with us which one?
I am very interested in getting a few of these but feel it may not be worth the troubles of doing so.

I used panli shop. Link No problem with the purchase from start to finish. They take Paypal but if you are buying an amount that is large they will need to verify your ID first. Other than that it's pretty straight forward. They charge 1% or so for their service. You have to take into consideration there will be two shipping costs. 1 from the buyer to address in China and 1 from China to USA. Shipping cost will vary from the speed you want it to get here. See below for shipping time.

yes, you have to use a third party for taobao as they do not ship outside of china. a friend has had success with taobaoring as a broker, but i cannot personally speak for them. just remember, these brokers do charge a fee for their services and depending on your shipping speed it could take a month or months to arrive. good luck.

From start to finish my order transaction took 2 weeks to get into my hands. I opted to use a more expensive shipping option, DHL. Everything in my order arrived without a hitch. Shipping speed depends on your wallet size.