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In Topic: K26 spring unavailable in Australia

29 December 2015 - 11:09 PM

I haven't been able to do a mass [k26] spring order because of a lack of demand for them. I need to purchase 100 for the transaction to be economical, otherwise you would be paying McMaster Prices.

In Topic: Apocalypse 2015 - Recapping on page 5

02 August 2015 - 02:31 PM

APOC was fun, I didn't hit as much people (bad dart quality by me) as I got hit but it was all around good times. the last 2 hours were great dicking around and I'm glad so much people showed up. I hate most of my footage just sucked due to angle, shake and my goggles blocking out the view but shows some cool things (like when I threw a dart and hit chicken)
Spider why you no show up? Also I forgot to get a lot of signatures from people ;(

Oh, I was there.

In Topic: Apocalypse 2015 - Recapping on page 5

01 August 2015 - 10:30 AM

Be there in about an hour. Wouldn't be right for me to be on time. Does anyone have darts I can use or buy?

In Topic: Apocalypse 2015 - Recapping on page 5

25 July 2015 - 07:48 PM

Speaking of money, should we start a B/S/T thread for APOC? I'm looking for dart smithing materials and maybe some magic CPVC, along with 2 wyes.

I second this.

By the way, I will be attending.

In Topic: Nerf Rapidstrike Modification Help

16 July 2015 - 10:05 AM

I have a question about batteries used for the rapidstrike (when modded). How many trustfire batteries can i use with the stock motors and have them be okay. I won't be revving for a long period of time ever. Thanks for the help in advance.

3 are preferred, but 4 will work. Just don't expect your motors to last forever.