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$11.99 Big Bad Titan

04 February 2008 - 09:06 AM

Hey I Just found a Nerf big bad titan for 11.99 on Amazon.com, heads up to anyone who wants one.

Mod Materials In Canada

03 February 2008 - 04:02 PM

I'd like to start a list of places in Canada which sell mod material.
what you have found, the store and location.
Please only post confirmed "CANADIAN" locations, ie you have seen it and bought it there.

Here is mine

HandyMan springs (limited selection)- Canadian tire - Calgary, saskatoon
1/2" wood dowel - candian Tire - Saskatoon
Maverick o-ring - Canadian Tire - Saskatoon (size to come)
Nitefinder O-ring - Canadian Tire - Saskatoon, calgary (size to come)
Brass couplers 1/2" - Home depot - Calgary, saskatoon
Grey Foam Backing Rod - Totem - Calgary, Canadian tire (by insulation<< just got, and sucks, pretty soft, will fit in 1/2" brass barrel snug.
Gorrilla Glue - Cdn Tire, home depot
plumbers goop - Cdn Tire, home depot
5 min epoxy - Cdn Tire, home depot
JB weld - Cdn tire - *it is usually in automotive repair, not always in glue section.
Buzzbee Bigblast 2pack w 2single tek - Toys R us - Calgary, saskatoon
Lanard Big bazooka or Max shot - Walmart - saskatoon * $9.00 Jan 29 2008

PETG - One Man Clan on the forum
red Foam backing rod << ebay (good stuff)
k&S Brass - hobbyworld Inc. - Saskatoon

Please keep it informative for us Canadians
AR15 springs.