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In Topic: Combining Wires

19 May 2008 - 01:09 PM

Hey Badger. Something in your first post caught my attention and I wanted to discuss. You stated that hot glue wouldn't be a good thing to use in this application. And tho by rule I do aggree with you 100% working with wires should always be done properly with the correct tools. I'm thinking that hot glue could possibly be a viable tool in a pinch. Tho I'm not familar with hot glues resistance to the actual electrical current (I'm gonna look for my fluke and checking this when I get a chance). So long as the joint itself doesn't heat up too much Id think that it should work in low current applications. A nice TIGHT wrapping of the bare wires toghether would be just as good as a wire nut. A couple wraps of etape to keep it from shorting on anything and then a gratious ammount of hot glue to hold it all in place. This MIGHT just work if there is no other options and the job can't be put off.
Tho for anyone that finds themself working with wiring a lot I would highly reccomend dropping the cash on a decent butane soldering iron and some heat shrink tubing. The heat vent of the iron works great on the HS tubing.

Why are you posting bad info? hot glue is not a good idea, considering hotglue can become soft at temps around what a hair dryer can provide. This will simply lead to problems later. if you are looking for a temp fix, use etape. Just because a person is in a pinch isn't an excuse to do things poorly. why don't you tell him to just hold the wires with his fingers if he doesn't have tape? i'm not a mod, but please don't post crap.

In Topic: Boltsnipers Barrel Length Formula

28 April 2008 - 01:34 AM

hey CS how does this formula work? Isn't there other varible here that include how tight the barrel is around the dart, and how fast the spring expands (springers) or how fast air is released (air tankers)?
Isn't the target barrel length basically the point where the force of the expanding air can nolonger exert a force on the dart? any longer would result in slowing down velocity. I just don't know how this formula can work?

In Topic: Longshot Or Recon?

24 April 2008 - 06:30 PM

Clearly I'm not the only one that think the recon is ot the best blaster. I already have a blaster with some range to it. it was a $12 BBBB, add $5 for brass and couplers you get the picture. I agree with you that the recon's biggest advantage is the clip system.
Oberon, I'm not against the recon, trust me I have one, and I see potential, but you have to admit it definately needs work, but I don't think the stock mod is the way to go because for me atleast it's a side arm.

I do like the recon, I'm working on a mod for it, hopefully it will make the recon "more" respectable. The mav comment may have been a little harsh on the recon.

In Topic: Longshot Or Recon?

24 April 2008 - 12:00 AM

I agree that the extra clip slot on the stock is shite, that's what tactical vests are for. Besides my stock is cut down and I wouldn't be able to grip it if the clip slot was in use.

I don't know, comparing the recon to the mav seems about right. Recon defonately has the advantage as it has a clip. with the stock as a primary sized blaster, it really doesn't compare to the LS. You can get 60 feet flat, but you'll probably only be able to hit ankles...

In Topic: Dtg Set Vrs. 3 Spiderman Sets

19 April 2008 - 10:03 AM

Well apparently my Mom owes me $30 and I'm going to spend it on Nerf. So I thought I would either get 3 spiderman sets or a DTG set( I know this isn't 30 dollars but I would be willing to spend $10 more) or should I get something else entirely? I'm probably going to integrate whichever one I get into my LS.

the spiderman set is so cheap right now it's simply the best value of the two.