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Secret Shot

23 December 2005 - 03:07 PM

Alright. I have never seen a write-up for a Secret Shot like this one. In fact, I have never heard of anyone doing this modification. However, I am very pleased with its results. Unfortunately, I supported the front barell with glue connecting it to the front of the shell. Also, the screws are very old and I have opened/closed it enough already so the screws are beginning to become stripped. Therefore, I can't open the gun for internal pictures. It is almost impossible to understand without close up internal pictures so here is a MS Paint drawing that you can refer to for various steps: http://i17.photobuck...ndom/SS1mod.jpg

First, Open the gun as always. No picture here but it is easy to find pictures of Secret Shot internals.

Next, there is a spring inside the tube leading to the bottom barell like the one in the X-bow tubing. I used a cut and bent coathanger to fish it out. I guess that gives it a smoother air flow.

Now, the important stuff... the barells. I used a hack saw to cut off the air-constricting poles leaving the round orange base and all the small studs on it.

I can't tell you the exact lengths for my barells. I use dart lengths instead of inches. The front one is about 3/4" 17/32 brass nested in about 3 & 1/2" 9/16 brass. The bottom (handle) barell is about 3/4" 17/32 brass and about 2 & 1/4" 9/16 brass. Attach the brass to the base of the old barell using the studs to automatically ensure that it is perfectly straight.

Now, to get the barells back in you will need to clean up the shell. Both barrels have two pieces holding them in place. Since your new barells won't fit anymore, you will need to remove the front piece. Now use hot glue to attach the orange bases to the piece of the shell we left.

I glued a lot of stuff in place for support. Close the gun when you are finished. Add some slots for rubber bands at the front of the case. http://i17.photobuck...Random/SS16.jpg
I constructed from a piece of coathanger a little thing to hold the rubber bands down away from the barell switcher so the bands don't push it back up every time you switch to the hidden barrell. http://i17.photobuck...Random/SS15.jpg
That's about it. The only problem is that it takes like 8 or 10 seconds to load the bottom barell because it sits way down inside the case. http://i17.photobuck...Random/SS12.jpg
I plan to add some dremelled out CPVC to help the loading process. Here are a couple external pictures:

The ranges were wierd. Without bands it was like a stock AT2k when the darts actually do leave the barell. With bands, the front barell got around 50 feet flat and the bottom barell got around 45 feet flat. Those bands were old too, with fresh ones I am sure it could get farther. I love this gun. I want to get another one and single barell it and another one and do the three-barell revolver. Trips Secret Shots. That would be awesome to nerf with.

New (i Think) Homemade Concepts

14 December 2005 - 12:51 AM

Alright. I did these quickly and I was really tired by the third one (as you will be able to tell). You should be able to figure most of it out without a key. The green is the barell the dart comes out of. Dark blue is the tank segments or barell housings of the same size. Light blue are end caps, couplers, and such. The red things are ball valves. The crazy stuff on the handles show that they are covered in insulation and wrapped in e-tape. Pink arrows mean that the segment would be longer to make room for the trigger system. There is nothing new really, they are designs that should be somewhat more comfortable and convenient than your avereage, everyday homemade.

This first one is pretty basic and shows my trigger idea. You drill a whole in the ball valve trigger. You attach a ring to the pvc on the underside a few inches in front of the handle. Feed something like a unfolded paperclip or some of that saudering stuff through this rind and connect a trigger ring to the original ball valve trigger. This makes it just like a trigger on an integration gun. The hole in the ball valve trigger would be moved closer to the center so you could move your finger less and turn the valve more quickly.


The idea of this gun is to have a more rifle-like feel. The insulation makes a wider grip for a hand under the barell that would be more comfortable and hopefully more accurate than plain 1" or 1/2" inch PVC.


This last one is my best idea in my opinion. It is a pistol. It uses a small bicycle pump (can be found made by Schwinn at Target) e-taped under the barrel. The arrows point to where it would be taped. The hose is attached to the tire valve just like it would be if you pumping up normal home-mades. This could allow it to be used in a war (if not banned), but it would probably take too long to prime and I wouldn't use it anyway. If you could somehow make the air tank a smaller, different segment from the handle, and feed vynal tubing connecting the bike valve to the air tank, it would be quicker to prime. I can draw it this way too if requested.


Well I'm sure most of this has been thought up before anyway. If my pictures are too sloppy I can do them over upon request when I am not so tired. I will try to do these eventually- probably in the summer when I have more free time. I posted my idea before I made it (which I know you guys don't like) just because I hated to hold back my ideas from you masters o' de blasters. If you are unsure about what something represents, have a question, want to call me a noob, complain about my grammar, or want to flame me in some other way, please leave a comment.

Close up of trigger:

Big Salvo/at2k Integration

05 February 2005 - 03:08 AM

My basic idea is to have an awsome pointman weapon. It will be a loser/assault rifle. The Big Salvo, I understand, is a great assault rifle and I just purchased one. It would be cool to integrate an AT2K on top of it as a loser rifle. I tried this thread on NHQ but I really think you guys can do better. What type of barrels should I use on the Big Salvo and the AT2K valve? Thanks.


Wars In Mississippi

31 December 2004 - 02:38 PM

Is anybody on this forum from Mississippi or the just Southeast? Do you know of any wars in Mississippi or justthe Southeast? Is there any way I can find wars taking place in Mississippi or just the Southeast, like a website or something? Thanks.


Forum Question

30 December 2004 - 06:57 PM

How do you change your email adress in your profile?