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In Topic: Open Letter To New Members And Admins

23 December 2005 - 11:29 AM

I checked this place after a few days of ignoring it and the entire recent posts list was people I'd never seen before. Four or five of them too, not just one overeager bitch.

Conclusion? Shit, I dunno.

Ah, is it Christmas holiday break for the young 'uns already?

It's seasonal. Like the common cold, it's a bitch, full of boogers 'n snot, but with time and some patience, it goes away. It just takes some endurance, some clean up, and a beer or three.

That said, I stopped drinking. Again.

...if you don't have anything important to say then don't say anything at all.  Thats mainly why I only have like 100 posts in like 4 months.

Yeah, that's why I only have like 300-something posts in about 3 years. Yeah.


Exactly. I entered the forums as an annoying noob last Christmas, and started coming back this Christmas. Ya know what, I'll probably ignore the forums in January once school starts, then come back next Christmas. But, this year I have tried to post less crap, and I am about to actually make a contribution with a mod write-up for a Secret Shot. I don't think anyone has ever written one like it. Anyway, back to the point. Some noobs are helpless, these I guess are under the age limmit. But, for me, nice guys like you, Uriel, and Falcon are what got me set straight. What we need is less helpless noobs, less flaming older members, and less useless posting. Wait, if we need less useless posting, then why did I type this? I didn't even read all the comments after the posted thread before commenting. Oh well, some things never change. :P :D

In Topic: Secret Shot

15 December 2005 - 11:54 PM

No... I don't think I said that. Three barrel mods are very possible. There are write-ups everywhere. Just drill out the "false" whole in the triangle switcher part, seal the "hidden" barrel to that whole, and cut a piece out of the straight part of the clear tupe that leads to where the old barell used to be. Cut off the remaining part of the clear tubing, and seal your straight piece back on. I learned that from Falcon's sight so props to him. But very possible, I don't think I ever gave the impression that it wasn't? Anyway, I got mine in today and I have already begun the mod it. The brass fits nicely over the original barell stup pieces. It will be so much easier to seal that a NF it's not even funny. The spring is nice too. And there are actually two springs. There are two main problems. There is no way that you can widen the air path more than the width of your mouse cord. Also, the seal between the rotating barell piece and the plunger is rediculously poor. The plunger tube is huge though. I am gonna get a really strong replacement spring eventually and inforce the crap out of this gun. It has great potential. If you single barelled it, I would say it could get 80 ft or more. But, like I said earlier, single barelling a gimmicky gun is poinless. You want to keep the gimmick, or at least take advantage of its individuality in some way like the 3-barell revolver.

In Topic: Secret Shot

15 December 2005 - 12:26 AM

You guys aren't getting it. Give the guy some credit, he is not a retard. He knows what a barell replacement is and how to use stefans with them. He is asking if it can be done on this specific gun. This is a good question too because if you look at the internals of a SS1, you will see that it would be very difficult to seal a replacement barrel to the plunger because of the restricters. I purchased one on ebay a while ago and have been waiting forever for it to come in. I was planning on replacing both of the barells while still in their original positions. I would dremmel/file out bigger holes in the restricers first, and then use lots of hot glue and e-tape to try to seal it straight. Also, If you want to do the three barell revolver mod, then the answer to your original question is no, you can't mod the gun to shoot stefans(or make the barell go around the dart instead of into it, as you like to say).

EDIT: If you want to single barell it straight to the plunger like you said, just remove all the pieces in between the barell and the plunger, then take out the hidden barell because it is now useless, since your seal is direct. You can make the hole in the plunger larger (if necessary) with a round file and/or dremmel. If some restricters are necessary like on a NF, then file/dremmel them out. Glue your barell to the plunger and secure it with e-tape. You just have to try to make it as straight as possible. It will work, don't worry. But it is not the best mod for the gun. Single-barelling a gimick-gun is pointless. You should do the old 3-barell regular dart mod or try what I am attempting.

In Topic: New (i Think) Homemade Concepts

14 December 2005 - 10:31 AM

Really? They work for me. What is wrong with them? Do you get something like "THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED" when you click on the links or something? Photobucket has always worked in the past.

In Topic: Crossfire And "new" Tech Target Available Online

11 December 2005 - 02:16 PM

On ebay I found this:


Like I said it was from ebay so I can't take credit. I know I can't post listings not from myself but at least I only included the picture. These are part of the dart tag line apparently and they are nite finders. What I am hoping is that they have the original spring. However, since I (opinion based without solid proof) see nothing good coming out of this line, I predict the springs will be even weaker than the EX3. Wait, that shouldn't be capitalized... ex3.