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In Topic: Safe way to compressor mod a Titan?

22 July 2018 - 08:48 AM

its been discussed. the low pressure of a pump on your leg would not pump the tank to anything usable. to actually make it usable, you would need either a lot more bending action, like jumping up and down or squats, or doing lunges, OR you would need a very small volume pump to get higher pressures which also means doing more pumping.

In Topic: Safe way to compressor mod a Titan?

11 July 2018 - 10:43 AM

There are not many that do this because it makes them non legal for most war use- energy used must come from the person wielding.

That said... there are several examples of people reinforcing their tanks with stuff like epoxy putty or fiberglass. I saw a topic somewhere of someone that tested a titan tank to failure but I don't remember what the verdict was.
Personally, I put a low pressure cheap pump and a pressure switch on a titan tank- i have done zero reinforcement and at 35-40 psi it has held up with no issues.

In Topic: General Battle Max Sceptor Reference Thread

11 June 2018 - 10:52 PM

So again, almost another year later. I have picked this project up as something to do in my spare time. I am sending the front bushing out to get scanned in the morning, up to some guy in MA. He says he can scan to 50 micron level, which should be close enough to get my center lines centered and my screw posts in the right place. I have also conducted some experiments with my printer and may be able to make these myself, lowering costs... But the price I stated above is way off. These would be around $25-30. I would prefer to get them done in SLA, so I might upload the file to Shapeways (which of course would cost even more). The post production work in either case would include drilling the screw post holes for accuracy and sanding to fit.

If anyone is still interested, please let me know. I had a couple people interested when I started the project, but it has been on the back burner for so long some of them have retired.

In Topic: APOCALYPSE 2018 - Saturday August 4th in Ocean Township, NJ

08 June 2018 - 03:34 PM

I'm back, after taking a year off from SSD ^


Bringing the TitanTurian.

Almost everything I have is going to be up for sale or trade, including the gear bag. Need to make an attempt to pare down what I have.

In Topic: Titan-Turian Sleeper

15 October 2017 - 10:38 PM


So the whole systems seems to work as intended, though the slop leads to needing to hold the clip in so that the dart chamber doesn't jamb on the edge of it. That slight little bit is messing with me. Not sure how I'm going to fix it yet, until I open up the blaster again.
In terms of firing power, its a lot less than I thought. On par with stefan blasters, possibly even slightly less due to the difference in less forward-weighted darts. I am going to open it all up and do some sealing work around some of the air joints that are lowering my seal- the dart chamber to pvc is a sloppy fit (getting too gungho on the lathe), and I want to look at the front of the dart chamber and see if I can add some foam or something to better seal the chamber to the barrel. I may consider removing that and custom cutting the pvc to seal to the chamber without the intermediary.



thedom21- breech works in the usual manner of a regular blaster, rather than the convoluted crap that previously filled this one. manual back and forth. because of the seriously shortened breech length, I printed a filler that fits in the slide cutout and blocks the handle from returning too far (which wasn't really a problem but in the final painted version it will help pull the blaster together as a single piece).


Silly- "two breeches"... sooooo... doubled singled titan running off one pump? Also that's definitely the same pump I used. Fits great eh? Though it looks like you moved yous up slightly to not to cut the shell?
You would be better off just installing the second trigger switch in the centurion rather than trying to franken a new handle in just for that. Mine is currently inside the thumb hole stock, but I plan on moving it when I next open the blaster to do some work, probably the same way. I will probably get rid of the auto fill feature and move to a momentary switch.

Chikun- The hose barbs are whatever size needed for the pump hose, which happens to be 3/16ths now that I looked up my order. They were ordered specifically for that hose. The price is probably more based off prices from a year ago, but: Cent= $60, pump= $15 mcmaster parts= $40+shipping, printed parts (purchase price, because not everyone owns their own printer)= $50-60 (or, that's what I would probably charge for them all, which is probably lower than others), assorted materials (duct tape, epoxy putty, 2pE, goop, sandpaper, etc)= $30. Right around 200 there.
"Completely homemade" is a different genre altogether. I wanted to put mine in a cent, and I got it in a trade at APOC.