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Question : Are Elite blasters better than N-Strike Blasters?

13 August 2012 - 04:54 PM

Well, I can't really modify my N-Strike Recon but, that will be another story. So I thought, "Maybe I should get the Elite Recon." I saw how different the Elite Recon is and after seeing a few videos and reviews, there seems to be somewhat of a positive buzz about it. From all I know so far, the reason I would think is probably because it is a direct plunger system. BUT, I just want to confirm a question : are Elite blasters better than N-Strike blasters? If I see there are a lot of votes toward the Elite blasters, I guess I'll get the Elite Recon, not only if they perform better, but also for the cool foregrip and stock.

Just feedback and opinions. Thank you.

(I put blue next to "Elite blasters" since most of them are blue. Same goes with the "N-Strike blasters.")

Help : Clip Doesn't Drop Smoothly After Clip Lock Removal for Long

06 August 2012 - 08:34 PM

I just modified my Longstrike by taking away the clip removal lock so I can easily drop the clip. The clip removal lock, from what I think it is based on a video, is a orange tab right behind where the clip drops. Below are pictures to show what piece I removed. The first picture is the piece I removed. The other pictures are to show where the piece goes. To be more specific, the piece goes behind the orange piece shown in the last picture.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The title basically tells you the problem. When I want to drop the clip, it doesn't drop smoothly. I would have to yank it out. Moreover, when I want to slide a clip in, I would have to push it in with some force. From my analysis and observation, the bolt sled isn't align straight, hence preventing the clip from sliding smoothly into place. Furthermore, I recall that when I first look at the internals, the piece I removed seems to go right under the bolt sled. What I'm trying to say is the piece most likely aligns the bolt sled properly and I shouldn't have removed it.

BUT, I'm still really unsure if I'm doing the clip lock removal mod correctly. So, I need some input and advice. Thank you.

(I know this post seems long but bare with me. I just want to be as clear as possible.)

Help : Suppress CS35 Raider

04 July 2012 - 03:51 PM

So I modified the Raider by removing the air restrictor. By the way, it is my first time modding a Nerf gun. After I removed the air restrictor, I got a lot of range after the modification. But, the problem is that it fires too loudly.

I need help in trying to suppress the noise when firing. I did pad the back of the plunger with felt padding, but it is still too loud. I am open to any tips. Thank you.

(Though some of the tips seem to repeat, but I like input.)