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Nerf Wargames for Kids

25 January 2012 - 12:47 PM

OK I’m an FNG, so forgive me if this topic has been beat to death already. I’m looking for Nerf War games to play with a larger group in an area the size of a medium sized school cafeteria. While I am NOT planning on doing this in a school, I am trying to organize a Nerf activity for a school age youth group than I lead. The group consists of boys age 7 – 11 and possibly their parents. Obviously safety is a factor so we’ll be donning the appropriate safety gear, but I need something that’s “controllable” where I just don’t have a bunch of boys running around and potentially hurting each other, but I cannot have something that’s too complicated for kids to understand, either.

I’m also looking for some kind of games of skill other than just shooting at Solo cups.

Finally, this is a “bring your own” Nerf event, so do you have any ideas how to keep track of the darts? I can let everyone know to bring X darts and to expect a percentage of them to be lost, etc, but I don’t want scrubs to bring their worst darts in and leave with someone else’s cream of the crop darts, etc. Since funds are limited, I cannot buy darts for everyone, and I also cannot charge an “admission fee” to cover the cost of buying new ones either.
Thanks for any ideas!