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In Topic: Nerf Wargames for Kids

26 January 2012 - 12:35 PM

Thanks for the ideas so far - I like teh idea using 3 pieces of flagging tape to keep track of how many hits the person gets and the one where you have to score hits into a box.

Keeping track of the darts - I tried something like labelling the darts with everyone's name at a Nerf War sleepover for my son and it was a nightmare trying to separate out everyone's darts - multiply that by 10 for 60 kids. What do you guys do at teh "pro" Nerf War matches?

Any ideas for "skill" games? My idea since there were so many kids and only 1 large gaming area was to have 1/2 of the kids in the gaming area and hte other 1/2 doing something else . . . . some kind of skill game . . .

Thanks for the great ideas - keep them coming!