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Airsoft to Nerf?

13 October 2013 - 10:21 PM

It's been a while.

Here goes.
I realize that airsoft is typically repulsed here at nerfhaven, but perhaps these unfortunate faux firearms can be redeemed.
What if one was to take this:

And instead of firing 6mm rounds from this gun, one could make mini slugs/stefans from this:


I also realize that this is a speculation thread, however, I would like to get some opinions from other members before I spend $50 on an airsoft pistol.
Has anyone done this?
Do you think it could work?

Trading Forum Glitch?

20 September 2013 - 01:19 PM

I just wanted to let you guys know that people who are not signed in/non-members can view the featured sales thread.

Featured sales threads?

18 January 2013 - 06:11 PM

I have been wondering (as I'm sure many others have) what the "Featured Sales Threads" subforum is for?
It has been around for a few months, and not a single thing has been posted there.



Direct Propulsion Crossbow

19 November 2012 - 09:42 PM

Again, all credit for the catch design goes to Meaker IV.

Also, I decided to go green, and used a bow drill for all the holes.

This blaster is a continuation of my direct propulsion series, which started with the cardboard pistol, and the DP pistol. I don’t really think that I can call this a gun, as it is quite literally, a crossbow. Now don’t you wish your middle name is Archer? (like mine)

I made this bow solely for testing the range capabilities of direct propulsion blasters.
Being a prototype, this bow is neither pretty nor clean, and I don’t really care. : )

˝” PVC
˝” thick cutting board
1/8” thick Polycarbonate
A few random screws
A small spring
A bow*
Electrical tape
Kite string

*I made the bow out of a straight branch found on a tree in my backyard. You could use ˝”CPVC, if you are totally lame. Let your inner caveman shine, and use real wood!

Screw drivers
Drill + bits
Dremal + bits
Branch clippers
Band saw or scroll saw (you could use a hand saw…I guess)

Time to start. (Note: Before you cut, make sure your PVC is not bowed...)

First, cut a 16” long section of your ˝” PVC:
Posted Image

Now, cut a 1/8” wide slot on either side, leaving about an inch of PVC at each end:
(I would say that cut is straight as an arrow…)
Posted Image

Drill a 3/8” hole on one end, perpendicular to the slots:
Posted Image

On the other side, drill a tiny hole (1/8”), and cut a ˝” by 1 ˝” slot:
Posted Image

The holes should line up:
Posted Image

Posted Image

They need to be opposed to each other, like this:
Posted Image

Cut a ˝” by 1/2” by Ľ” piece of cutting board:
Posted Image

Bevel the top:
Posted Image

Drill a hole through the side:
Posted Image

Stick a nail through the piece pictured:
Posted Image

Add the cutting board chunk that you just made:
Posted Image

Make the catch:
Posted Image

A better picture:
Posted Image

You need to have a pole in the catch that sticks out 1/8” on both sides:
Posted Image

Attach the catch to the piece which has the cutting board chunk on it, as pictured:
Posted Image

Make the handle:
Posted Image

Tape on a spring like the one in the picture:
Posted Image

Now, screw the catch/cutting board chunk/side plate onto the handle:
Posted Image

The spring should line up with the notches in the trigger:
Posted Image

Make this:
Posted Image

Screw it to the handle:
Posted Image

Attach the second side plate:
Posted Image

Drill a hole in the handle:
Posted Image

Screw the handle/catch to the pipe:
Posted Image

Add a small bow and you’re done!!!
Posted Image

Here it is cocked:
Posted Image

Close-up of the catch/string:
Posted Image

I am currently working on testing the ranges with different darts, and bow tensions.
I should have the data finished by Friday.

Direct Propulsion Pistol

16 November 2012 - 12:58 PM

First, I want to say that all credit goes to Meaker IV for the trigger design!

This gun is the brainchild of my cardboard nerf pistol, which was a prototype. It is still made of an easy to machine material (particle sheet), and is easy to build.
Again, I did not make templates, but the design is super flexible, and really depends on your personal preference. Enough said, let’s get to work:

Particle sheet (MDF?) About one (1) square foot needed.
Some 1/8” metal round
˝” thick cutting board
Small extension spring
A tiny bit of 1/8” Polycarbonate (about two (2) square inches)
Rubber o-ring
And…that’s it.

Dremal bits
Hot-glue gun
Band saw or scroll saw (you could use a handsaw…or a Dremal)

(You could really use a Dremal for everything, that is, except the glue)

Begin with…
A properly adjusted camera:
Posted Image

In all seriousness, you need to cut out something which looks similar to the panels pictured:
Posted Image

Next, you will need two Polycarbonate scraps which fit on the end of the gun:
Posted Image

Glue the aforementioned Polycarbonate pieces to the front of the body panels:
Posted Image

Now, cut your o-ring into sections which fit across the long edge of the Polycarbonate:
Posted Image

I did not get good pictures of the catch, but it is simple:
Posted Image

Here is another picture:
Posted Image

Next, you need to cut out the trigger. DO NOT CUT OUT THE CENTER SLOT!!!
Posted Image

Test-fit the trigger and catch:
Posted Image

Now, add the barrel parts. The pieces need to be just over ˝” wide, as well as ˝” away from each other:
Posted Image

Next, add the trigger guide, and the support beam:
Posted Image

Add the second trigger guide:
Posted Image

Connect the 1” long section of particleboard as shown.
Posted Image

Place a bead of hot-glue in the spot pictured:
Posted Image

Here is how the trigger/catch should work:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Glue on the second body panel:
Posted Image

Cut a 1” long section of 1/8” metal round; and notch the ends:
Posted Image

Put the rubber band(s) on and you are done:
Posted Image

You load the darts from the top:
Posted Image

Questions? Comments? Flames?