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#357443 [WA] Win-shington Winter War - Olympia, WA

Posted by GreenSpike on 04 January 2017 - 11:09 PM

Hosts: Greenspike, Susa, Krawo, Scarecrow, Dan-K


Date: January 21st (Saturday)


Time: 11am - 4pm


Where: Col. Yauger Park, in western Olympia WA


Parking Lot Address: 530 Alta Street SW


Actual Park Address: 3100 Capital Mall Drive SW



- Facebook Event Listing.

- Detailed Rules Of Play.




Game types / Battlegames

Trouble In Terrorist Town



Capture the Flag

Ring The Bell


Pistols Only



What to bring:

• Eye protection is mandatory


• Warm winter clothing

• Foam weaponry of your choice

• Pistols or melee for the pistols+melee round non-electric & non-magazine-fed 

• Bazookas (BBUMB, Demolisher, Tri-Strike, Etc) because they destroy certain game items



What not to bring:

• Anything painted entirely black

• A bad attitude




• Nerf blasters: Blasters should shoot under 200fps. Any modifications are allowed. 

• No Stefans. All other darts, including FVJs, are allowed.


Melee Weapons:

• Any melee weapon or shield which is legal under the safety rules for Amtgard may be used. (link to rulebook. warning: PDF)

• Any melee weapon, shield, gunblade, or bayonet which is legal under the safety rules for The Evergreen State College's "Zombies@Evergreen" Humans vs Zombies student group may be used. (Link to rules - Weapon Safety Rules begin on Page 6)

• Any official NERF/Hasbro foam melee weapon or shield may be used.

• All other foam melee weapons are banned.



Two kinds of shields, "Small" and "Large". Anyone may use "Small" shields. "Large" shields have restrictions. But beware - shields are NOT totally indestructible! 

"Small": Any official NERF product with the word "Shield" in the official product name, may be used as a shield to block darts (N-Force Stonewall Shield, Modulus Shield, etc - see the full rules google doc for details on what counts)

"Large": Any LARP shield (must be Amtgard-legal or Evergreen-Z@E-legal) may be used to block darts. But when using a "Large" LARP shield, you can only use pistols and/or melee weapons. 

Hits from "Bazooka" missiles destroy shields AND instantly kill the person who was using the shield (the Titan missile, Tri-strike, Demolisher, BBUMB, Big Blast, etc - again, see the full rules google doc for details on what counts)




More Info:

We'll meet near the parking lot around 10:30 and hopefully get playing by 11. Lunch break will be around 1pm. There is a Safeway and 4-5 fast food places within one block's walking distance. Play will continue until it starts to get dark. 


If you're coming from Evergreen College, it's like a 15 min ride on the #48 bus.  



Attendees (as of this posting):

+ Greenspike +2

+ Krawo

+ Susa 

+ Scarecrow +1

+ Dan-K

+ Gizmo ±1

+ WalcomS7 +1

+ Captain Xavier

+ Brett, lord of Sledgefires

+ Jaxmeh +1-or-2(?) 

+ you...?

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#342288 WANO VI

Posted by GreenSpike on 06 October 2014 - 05:40 PM

Wish I'd gone.
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