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[WA] Win-shington Winter War - Olympia, WA

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Posted 04 January 2017 - 11:09 PM


Hosts: Greenspike, Susa, Krawo, Scarecrow, Dan-K


Date: January 21st (Saturday)


Time: 11am - 4pm


Where: Col. Yauger Park, in western Olympia WA


Parking Lot Address: 530 Alta Street SW


Actual Park Address: 3100 Capital Mall Drive SW



- Facebook Event Listing.

- Detailed Rules Of Play.




Game types / Battlegames

Trouble In Terrorist Town



Capture the Flag

Ring The Bell


Pistols Only



What to bring:

• Eye protection is mandatory


• Warm winter clothing

• Foam weaponry of your choice

• Pistols or melee for the pistols+melee round non-electric & non-magazine-fed 

• Bazookas (BBUMB, Demolisher, Tri-Strike, Etc) because they destroy certain game items



What not to bring:

• Anything painted entirely black

• A bad attitude




• Nerf blasters: Blasters should shoot under 200fps. Any modifications are allowed. 

• No Stefans. All other darts, including FVJs, are allowed.


Melee Weapons:

• Any melee weapon or shield which is legal under the safety rules for Amtgard may be used. (link to rulebook. warning: PDF)

• Any melee weapon, shield, gunblade, or bayonet which is legal under the safety rules for The Evergreen State College's "Zombies@Evergreen" Humans vs Zombies student group may be used. (Link to rules - Weapon Safety Rules begin on Page 6)

• Any official NERF/Hasbro foam melee weapon or shield may be used.

• All other foam melee weapons are banned.



Two kinds of shields, "Small" and "Large". Anyone may use "Small" shields. "Large" shields have restrictions. But beware - shields are NOT totally indestructible! 

"Small": Any official NERF product with the word "Shield" in the official product name, may be used as a shield to block darts (N-Force Stonewall Shield, Modulus Shield, etc - see the full rules google doc for details on what counts)

"Large": Any LARP shield (must be Amtgard-legal or Evergreen-Z@E-legal) may be used to block darts. But when using a "Large" LARP shield, you can only use pistols and/or melee weapons. 

Hits from "Bazooka" missiles destroy shields AND instantly kill the person who was using the shield (the Titan missile, Tri-strike, Demolisher, BBUMB, Big Blast, etc - again, see the full rules google doc for details on what counts)




More Info:

We'll meet near the parking lot around 10:30 and hopefully get playing by 11. Lunch break will be around 1pm. There is a Safeway and 4-5 fast food places within one block's walking distance. Play will continue until it starts to get dark. 


If you're coming from Evergreen College, it's like a 15 min ride on the #48 bus.  



Attendees (as of this posting):

+ Greenspike +2

+ Krawo

+ Susa 

+ Scarecrow +1

+ Dan-K

+ Gizmo ±1

+ WalcomS7 +1

+ Captain Xavier

+ Brett, lord of Sledgefires

+ Jaxmeh +1-or-2(?) 

+ you...?

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 06:58 PM

I'm planning on going, maybe plus two more? Not sure, but I'm definitely gonna be there. It's great to see more Washington wars popping up recently, the local community is really growing!

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