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Mav Paintjob Issues

29 October 2011 - 06:57 PM

Hey guys, first paintjob I'm attempting here and I've run into a slight problem. As you can see in the pictures below, the paint has a very rough texture to it. I used Krylon indoor/outdoor grey primer and Krylon Fusion Olive Camo paint (I know, Fusion paints don't really require primer, but I wanted to do it for the sake of practice). I'm kind of disappointed with how the color turned out. It's not really that distinct flat olive color I was expecting, but then again I've only applied two layers of the olive paint.

Anyone know what's causing this funky texture I'm getting from the paint and also how to correct it? I'm assuming high grit wet sanding until the surface is smooth, then a reapplication of paint will be the trick? Should I have wet sanded the primer before adding the first color coat?


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Longshot Breech Troubleshoot

07 October 2011 - 09:33 PM

*Firing test*

Note that this firing test was done before I got the [k26] spring.

Finally got around ordering some [k26] springs from McMaster. I was told that the inconsistent shots I was getting in the video was due to the fact I was running a really weak spring combo, so I'm hoping the [k26] spring will solve that issue. Searched around for some recommendations on what length to cut the spring down to. I found a post on sgnerf that said to start at about 5 inches and work down from there. I tried 5 inches and it was extremely difficult to prime the blaster. It took way too much effort to get the priming handle all the way back, and once I did the trigger plate wouldn't even catch. So I cut down the spring some more and I'm now at about 4 inches. At this length, the blaster is still a little difficult to prime, but it's definitely a lot more manageable and probably a lot more practical during a game.

Unfortunately, I'm still unable to get the trigger plate to catch. If you look below, you'll see a picture of my trigger plate with the two springs on it. I'm using the stock spring plus another which I took from behind a little piece in the longshot stock. Using this spring combo, the trigger plate would catch with no issues when I was using the stock longshot spring and a recon spring inside the plunger (as you can see on the video above). I know it's not an issue of the plunger rod not going back far enough to catch the trigger plate, because I already resolved that issue the first time around. If you look at the first picture below, you can see I added a piece of felt padding to the plunger rod. I even went back to my first spring combo to make sure that the gun could prime, and it did.

Super frustrating -___-; I've put in so much time, effort, and money ( :( ) into this dang thing and every time I think I've got it perfect, some other issue comes up, lol. But anyways, I'm assuming that the blaster isn't priming simply because the catch spring just isn't strong enough to support the strength of the [k26]? Can anyone confirm that for me? Also, have I cut my [k26] spring down to a length too short to even be effective? At least I can scrap it for my nitefinder if I have.

Click to enlarge the pictures.

Plunger rod with padding
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This is what the plunger rod looks like with the spacer/padding
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Stock spring and spring from the stock
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