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In Topic: Mav Paintjob Issues

29 October 2011 - 09:13 PM

I live in the Bay Area (Cali), so I'm pretty sure weather isnt too much of a problem right now. This past week has been in the mid 70s low 80s.

In Topic: Longshot Breech Troubleshoot

08 October 2011 - 04:02 PM

Here's what SGNerf told me on his forum:

"Attach more layers of padding on the plunger head until it catches.

Sometimes when stronger springs are installed, they end up bending and stretching the bolt sled arms during priming, this prevents the plunger from being pulled fully back... the difference can be just 1-2mm of draw distance (due to the stretched bolt sled) and that causes it not to catch.

Just for reference, the aftermarket springs i use in my modded Longshots have similar load (in some versions even stronger) compared to [k26] springs, but i'm still using the stock catch springs and all my units catch perfectly, so the issue isn't with the catch springs, its mainly the plunger draw travel."

I did a quick ghetto rig fix just to see if adding the extra padding/spacer was going to help at all. I just took a couple pieces of double sided tape and slapped it under the padding i had on the plunger rod. It added about 3mm of extra length to the plunger rod. I went ahead and put the gun back together and now the gun catches just fine. Looks like parts were just tweaking a bit like SGNerf said.

I just finished super gluing two pieces of the felt padding I'm using. This'll replace that ghetto ass fix I had goin lol. The two pieces of felt make a piece of padding just about half an inch tall.

I also cut another spring, its around the 4-1/2 inch range, maybe a little more. But I did a couple of test shots and my goodness, lol. I was kind of freaked out how fast the darts were shooting out, haha.

I am however still having problems with darts getting stuck inside the barrel after pulling the trigger. At this point though, I'm led to believe that I'm getting those "jams" simply because of crappy quality foam. My streamlines are pretty beat up, so I'm planning on buying a new set of darts. Hopefully thatll be the end of the barrel jams.