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#354221 Armageddon XVII: SoCal's Largest NIC War (2016)

Posted by hoongfu on 15 June 2016 - 10:40 AM

The Good
  1. Hanging out with friends
    1. Seeing old ones KOREEEEEEEE, Jlego, Ice9, Pants, Beaver,  Cannonball, Zorn, Ryan, Groove, Zaxbys!
    2. meeting new ones - Pete, little kid, Apollo, Bags (If I forgot your name I'm sorry)
    3. Actually nerfing with Beaver after gazing at his majestic presence walking around at Apoc 2011.
  2. Ice9 hosting the war - Super well run, lots of rounds in, good crowd control despite people not listening, good game types.  
  3. Good footage - I was so happy when I watched some footage that my gopro wasn't aiming at the sky ala Apoc 2013.
  4. Food - Pastrami, chili cheese fries, In n Out, Ice cream sandwiches, croissants, and Korean Tacos for days!  
  5. Hanging out all day and night and experiencing Art - Thanks Beaver and Ice9!  
  6. Duels with Cannonball - Man ever since the Christmas war 2 years ago I've been itching to duel Cannonball again.  I lost pretty much every duel we had that day except for one, which I hope I caught on video (haven't watched through everything yet).  That's one thing I like about east coast wars, despite 40 people around there is always sometime and someone to duel.  
  7. Wonder Twins dota - heroes and minions duking it out in lanes
  8. Freezetag - So much fun in a perfectly balanced field with a speedloader
  9. Pull back and a Speedloader - I used it most of the war and had more fun than using any pump action with a hopper
  10. People having fun and being effective with near stock blasters
  11. Balls to the wall:  Man it was so coooool seeing a good percentage of the players utilizing Nerf's latest invention, the Apollo blaster.  And they were effective too!  
  12. Carpe was a lot of fun, even though I felt like we were losing the whole time because of the pressure put on by the Twins/Cannon ball/Bags.  Screaming at people to pick up balls (I'm sorry I called you an old man Pete!  You're super cool).
  13. Last round of Carpe was so much fun because it wasn't about winning.  Rather it was about winning in our own terms, which we did to the max.  It's always fun to play against your friends but even better to play with them.  
  14. Weather was almost perfect for me, I didn't sweat a ton.  Overcast works really well with the GoPro because it has a harsh and delayed transition from shadow to sunlight.  Any footage in the center square would have been unwatchable if it was sunny.  
  15. Bright Pink polo from Goodwill - Keeping it Cali
  16. Ryan invited me to come over and mod and use the 3D printer <3
  17. Not being sweaty on the plane
  18. Not being tired at all during and after the war , even after the massive lunch, also not pulling any leg muscles
  19. Grabbing In n out for breakfast
  20. Dart recovery was amazing as always
  21. TSA was super chill, even in LAX.  
  22. Super cheap range time.  
  23. Little kid was super interested and Dad allowed him to join after a while.  I think he had lots of fun.  
  24. Dad's playing and having fun.  I hope to join your ranks some day.  
Not as good
  1. No Langley/Gears 
  2. Beaver kept getting his food first, I kept getting my food last, like 10 minutes after Beaver finished. 
  3. People including myself not respawning properly during Carpe
  4. People shooting way too close, like that one guy who shot Koree from 0" away.  Even I waited for the kid to run past about 10-15'
  5. Silicon or rubber tipped rock darts, ridiculously dense darts 
  6. Fell asleep too early.  Missed the hugs.
  7. Boom o rangs and other flying melee.  It sucks bad to get hit in the face with one as Bags found out.  Thanks Ice9 for not allowing them the rest of the war.  
  8. Red eye flight and work 
I'll be working on a highlights video soon, my first one so it will take a long time and will suck a lot.    I'll post it in here after its done.  

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#344203 SoCal War: Christmastravaganza MMXIV

Posted by hoongfu on 12 January 2015 - 06:20 PM

One cannot simply put the war in a box of plusses and minuses. However the war could be summed up into one word, californication.

Being from the east coast I didn't know what to expect. I've only heard about the "lazy" nerfing on the west coast. It started off a brisk 40 deg F. I started to second guess my choice of cargo shorts. Not too long after I ventured into the light I saw a familiar car and ice9 showed up with CaliforniaPants!

I was going to write up some elaborate wall of text but Iím lazy.

  • Meeting everyone (Cannonball!)
  • First round free for all
  • tag team'd cartaya with Ice9
  • duel with cannon ball
  • Freeze tag
  • ice9 sommersault
  • constant 360 no scopes
  • TDM - Duel with ice9
  • Carpe
  • got rekt
  • broke +bow priming handle
  • Lunch The Hat
  • freeze tag
  • speed rounds
  • jon and hans OP
  • me and zeke
  • Broke 4BJax stock
  • boomco
  • Target
  • Anime
  • Never ending Flappy Jacks line
  • Welding
  • Broke 2 more of Ice9's blasters

Here's some videos.
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#343611 SoCal War: Christmastravaganza MMXIV

Posted by hoongfu on 18 December 2014 - 09:56 AM

Bonus. Let me know what you need me to bring for you.

Maybe a pair of those skinny khakis you wear to every war. I only have yoga pants.
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#341552 You can't reply to PMs by Email

Posted by hoongfu on 26 August 2014 - 03:45 PM

So that is how you got all those white hairs?
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