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#343280 ultra match blasters

Posted by KoRnEd on 02 December 2014 - 11:14 PM

I'm assuming your talking about Chris Cartaya's modded blasters.
A couple months ago there was a controversy towards his range testing methods and it eventually came to the fact that he wasn't using stefans as well as breeze/angle.
He mods his blasters well, and they do shoot above 70 feet consistently with stefans and they are pretty accurate.

These "R type ultra match blasters" aren't anything new or special, they're just modifications of existing nerf blasters (albeit with a high spring load and comprehensive mods.) I've handled them and have been shot by them and really aren't anything new to what the community has been doing for a while. They can be compared to a nicely modified nightfinder.

An aside: Your post quality is pretty poor. You don't link to an actual video nor do you present any new or interesting ideas. Furthermore it looks like you spent about half a second on your title, which doesn't really describe what you found.
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