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In Topic: Making A Mold To Replace A Small Part.....

16 July 2005 - 01:08 AM

ah i see.

just google mold making or something

i also found a page where they make lego parts using a rubber mold and ABS plastic as the filler. I used to play with legos when i was younger, found it pretty interesting..

In Topic: Making A Mold To Replace A Small Part.....

15 July 2005 - 07:23 PM

Aw comon, don't discourage this kid's creativity. Since when is it fun to just buy a part when you can make it yourself? :P

Making a mold and filling the mold is just to clone a part you already have. Unless the 'small orange dealie' you have is exactly the same as the one you are missing, making a mold isn't the best option.

You could always travel to homedepot / lowes and browse their aisles looking for some parts that you could improvise with or just get some ideas. Some common materials that are easy to work with for nerf guns are wood, pvc, and thin sheet metal, which are all cheap and sold at most hardware stores.

Hot glue is very strong as a single part when it dries, but it is very hard to release it from the mold you use, because it is a glue... it's supposed to stick to things it touches. I've filled a section of PVC with hotglue in hopes of making a solid hotglue cylinder, but after it dried i couldn't get the hotglue cylinder out of the pvc, it was stuck. So it probably won't work for making a part.

In Topic: Mazda Rx-7 1987-90

14 July 2005 - 12:43 AM

I heard these were high maintenance cars. My friend who owns a Rx7 says that the 3 tips of the rotor or whatever its called, the main part of a rotary engine, well anyway, the tips of that wear out quick. He is always fixing his car and I think rotary engines are just too much trouble for a first time driver.

But if you do get a sports car, opt for a manual (cheaper too). I learned on an auto, and now that I know how to drive a manual, I really wish my parents put me on a manual first. Also, having an auto sports car is just so boring. I have an auto 'stang and it is very boring to drive and shifts at the worst times (for economy).

They came out with this new tranny, called a tip tonic or some stupid name like that, but the idea is cool. Its a manual when you want it to be, and an automatic when you want it to be. My buddy recently bought a Nissan 350Z, and the tiptonic was actually the cheapest transmission, even though he gets the best of both worlds.

Oh yea, have fun with your insurance haha.

In Topic: All Purpose Movie Topic

09 June 2005 - 10:23 AM

1.) Scarface
2.) A Clockwork Orange
3.) Pulp Fiction
4.) No Mans Land
5.) Office Space

Most of Quentin Tarantino films are great, cool guy. No Mans Land is a foriegn movie, but the story is ironic (and entertaining)

Starwars episode 3 rocked, but not on my all time fav. list. It was awesome to see how Anakin transformed into Vader.

In Topic: Modifying My Nite Finder

28 April 2005 - 06:54 PM

reccomendation on more mods? A question is... will a brass barrel, longer too, help distance and accuracy?

Just a brass barrel? Probably won't help you much. But a nested brass barrel could improve your ranges a bit. I am sure you could gain a few feet replacing the barrel with a nested brass one.