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Raider Cs-35 Question

18 October 2009 - 12:40 PM

I'm not sure if this is just mine or if this has been discussed before (I searched I did), but
Have any of you noticed that the breech doesn't quite meet the barrel on the Raider?
I'm sorry I'm too busy to take some pics, but in this picture from the overhaul thread, if you look at where the breech and barrel meet, there is a small space. Don't tell me this wouldn't hurt the ranges a bit....

(ps, sorry. I think its the breech but i'm not positive)


08 February 2009 - 10:12 PM

Ok, please tell me I'm not the only one who is psyched for the return of blink.
And don't just go and say "aw that's just a rumor their not actually coming back" because it IS official.
LINKY:Reunion Announcement Video

Milwaukee: City Of No Nerf

02 November 2008 - 09:53 PM

Ok, so at my school, we have this pretty huge field house, like a gymnasium, and the other day, i was thinking it would be perfect for a CTF war. the only problem is, i only have like 4 friends who enjoy nerfing, and none of them like i do. So i ask the NIC: how do i get my friends into nerfing? they are into airsoft and paint balling, but that would never work in the field house. The field house could support a war up to 20 people teams, but we would need like 10 minimum on a team to keep it slightly interesting. Also, we would need almost 20 people to get the school to even THINK about it. However, if i could get some sort of Nerfing club set up, the school would be much more likely to go with it. our school is fine with a club as long as i can get a supervisor (usually a teacher/TAC teacher [TAC's are homerooms at my school]) and some student interest. Luckily, my friends who do nerf go to my school.
We do, however have a young republicans club and a young democrats club. I was thinking maybe we could get this into a "who is really better" competition, but the dems would never go with it.

BTW: PM me if you think you go/went to the same school as i do. if you did, you will know so :D :D :D . if you don't/didn't, sux for you :P !

New Homemade- The Messenger

11 December 2007 - 07:08 PM

Alright, about a month ago (three weeks before thanksgiving), I had the urge to build a my own homemade. It's not yet done, and has gone through 3 major design changes. I'll post more information as soon as I make more progress.

Its purpose: be an effective long range rifle

I didn't know how a plunger worked (or what a plunger was) at the time (i was a complete noob), so i decided to go with a bike pump for the air pressure. I also used Zero's breech and basic valve. I think its ok for my first homemade.

the gun at it's current state
Posted Image
breech open
Posted Image
another breech picture
Posted Image
close-up of pump and hose

Still didn't Upload it

What I haven't done yet....
Posted Image

EDIT- still need to add a handle. Its harder that I thought it would be.