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Big Visit

10 February 2003 - 03:45 PM

OK, here's the skinny, I'll be visiting in SoCal this month, I'll be free the full days from the 20th-24th. I plan to bring my fully-modded guns and those currently in pieces, as well as stefan-making material.

So who's interested in a follow-up war to the YANO? (YAYANO?) Also who'd want to take time (and let me in their shopspace) for modding and assembly? Also general hanging out? Beach and sun are definitely on my agenda for the week.

Oh, and as an intro-post to these boards, does anyone else have this Gandalf avatar already that I'm using?

It's cool to come back to the nerf community and see a lot the same, but a lot changed. I'm sure some point soon I'll know what a "Cactus mod" is or the meaning of "Kronik-style" (though I know the latter at least involves putting internals of two guns into one case).

OK, so if you have a reply to questions in my 2nd paragraph, drop me a line at chriscraig@operamail.com