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In Topic: War On Iraq

20 March 2003 - 01:11 PM

Oh, a great poem (not a poem :) ) if you want to check it out;
"This is not a poem. This is a promise."

Also check this or other articles about the death of Rachel Corrie, an American Peace activist killed by the Israeli Army. Understand this is all at a web site, "Electronic Infitada" so it is from the viewpoint of Palestinians.

(The poem has references to Iraq, the article's a little Off Topic, if you're to define the topic really narrowly)

In Topic: No-purchase Regrets

20 March 2003 - 01:04 PM

I once passed up an SM5K at a TRU; I really kicked myself after that.

In Topic: War On Iraq

20 March 2003 - 01:01 PM

Batman, I have given long thought to the long history behind this, but the result is this;
The U.S. has no moral superiority here- the joke among weapons inspectors was the U.S. was saying "We know Iraq has the weapons." Why? "Well, we have the reciepts."
Administration after administration backed Saddam while he was gassing Kurds and gassing his own people.
We were complicit in all the suffering that Saddam set in motion, and now we're on our way to lay waste to a country full of innocent civilians to kill our own Frankenstein's Monster.
When will you wake up and realize that all these leader's words are completely empty and meaningless? Bush knew the ultimatum wouldn't be heeded, and was prepared to invade no matter what. Saddam actually benefits from the U.N. sanctions against Iraq, so guess what? He makes a demand for the sanctions to be lifted right when there's absolutley no chance of that consideration.
People love giving their power and responsibility to a big central leader though, because all the tough decisions are out of their hands; and of course these bigwigs are going to play rough, since they and their families don't have to do the killing and dying theirselves.

Well I'm sounding really pessimistic here, but truly it's just realism; world relations are real tense and fucked up. I feel the nations should just keep out of each other's business and things will work much more smoothly. As Aleister Crowley said, "Harm it none, do what ye will shall be the whole of the law" (I paraphrased there a little). The signifigance of this is that we don't need a huge honking governance machine to keep society civil. Most people genuinely want to live peacefully, without depending on oppresive cheap labor. We also can see right in our own community where there is harm done. So my message to you is just speak up against wrongs in your own community; that's the best good that you can do.

In Topic: Big Visit

14 February 2003 - 02:37 PM

Alright did this topic die or what? What gives? LA's a big, populated area, there've gotta be people whose Nerfing appetites will only be whet by the YANO. Where are you? You know anytime modders will get together there'll be new mods or slight variations to old ones invented, how much more so for a Midwesterner visiting the coast?

In Topic: Socal War In Feb

13 February 2003 - 02:02 PM

YAYANO anyone? Rawray seems interested and is trying to find a location near Pasedena. Anyone have suggestions? Also we should consider doing it Saturday so we can have Sunday as a rain date.

Well nerf on and if you're too snobby to nerf two weekends in a row, fuck off.