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Season Of Foam - Northern California

01 July 2009 - 11:42 AM

Two weekends ago, Nerfer9, Blue, Just Some Bob and I had what was quite possibly the most Effeminate 4-man war in the history of ever. We finished up our day at Cooper elementary, which has enough unique playing areas all in the same place to rival (or even beat out) Sellers Elementary back home in Glendora.

That being said, the Season of Foam Nor Cal war will be there. There won't be any question about wether or not we'll be in an open field or anything of the sort, and EVERYONE will be on neutral ground, because quite frankly, it's not my home turf either.

Here's the rundown:


JULY 18th, 2009


10:00 AM (PST) until I get knocked out again.


Cooper Elementary School
750 Christine Dr.
Vacaville, CA‎



  • A GOOD night's sleep. You're going to want it.
  • SUNSCREEN. I can't stress this enough.
  • WATER, and LOTS of it. There may be drinking fountains available, but don't count on them.
  • Legal guns (see below), eye protection (see below), and ammunition (see below.)
  • NO bad attitudes. If you're being a dick, you'll be treated like one, and you'll be jerked around until you explode. And you WON'T enjoy it.
  • We understand that accidents happen, but for the bulk of the day, please do what you can to keep foul language to a minimum, or at least at a low volume. It is a PRIVILEGE that we are allowed to use the facilities we use, NOT our right, so let's at least maintain a SOMEWHAT civilized demeanor, mmkay?
  • Bringing your own ammunition is MANDATORY
  • Wearing eye protection is MANDATORY. We play in closer quarters than what most of you are used to, and for your own good, I am demanding it of you. Please don't test me on this; you WILL be asked to leave, or at the very least, be forced to wear a borrowed pair.
Legal Weaponry
  • Any and all nerf and off-brand foam projectile firing blasters that are not on the 'banned' list.
  • Nerf Brand Foam Swords (no boffers or pool noodles on PVC, please). ALL H2H users must be using a projectile-firing blaster of some kind as their PRIMARY weapon. A pistol in your pocket does not count; it must be in your hand.
  • Pokegrenades loaded with legally-constructed nerf ammunition (no weights showing, etc.) Maximum of ten feet on bungee lengths. Must remain tethered to your person when thrown.
  • NO singled Titans. No exceptions. Shotgunned, missile, or ball titans are acceptable.
  • NO singled signal launchers. Again, shotgunned, missile and ball variants are acceptable.
Note: A shotgunned Titan or Signal Launcher does NOT mean shotgun-loading a single barrel. That is strictly for multiple barrels linked to ONE air output, firing simultaneously, with a minimum of three barrels.
ANY gun that seems to be overpowered for any reason during the day is subject to removal from play without notice. Don't argue about it; it is YOUR responsibility to bring a backup weapon of some sort.

Gameplay rules will be discussed AT the war. There's no reason to discuss anything like that here in the thread, because we will be going over it again at the war anyway.

This is set up to be the most Effeminate nor cal war ever, but it needs YOU there to make it happen. BRING YOUR FRIENDS!

Actually, while we're at it...bring YOURSELF! A number of Southern California nerfers are making plans to come up to this war, in exchange for many of you coming to ours the week before.


Caff - Northern California Edition

18 May 2009 - 02:37 PM

Greetings fellow nor-cal nerfers!

I'm hosting a war up here to help you all get into the swing of things, and further promote the nerf scene you've got going on.

We're going to some new locations you haven't played at before. It's going to be different from what you're used to, but I promise, you're all going to have a fantastic time.

I'm putting down four locations. I've never played at any of these places, so I don't know if those present will be okay with us or not. If we have any problems with any of the locations, we will pack up and move on to another one. It's simple, and no one will get in trouble. If for any reason, the authorities (cops, etc.) are called, you are agreeing by coming to this event that you will leave talking to them to me. I've been doing this for a long time; the last thing any of you need is the added stress of talking to police to complete your day.

Our war locations are as follows, and in order of appearance:

Willis Jepsen Middle School
580 Elder St, Vacaville, CA‎

Will C. Wood High School
998 Marshall Rd.
Vacaville, CA

Fairmont Elementary Scool
1355 Marshall Rd.
Vacaville, CA

Cooper Elementary School
750 Christine Dr, Vacaville, CA‎

We will be meeting in the main parking lot of Willis Jepsen Middle School at 10:00 am. Please be as prompt as possible, for the sake of getting in as much play time as we can, and allowing for lunch breaks and potential location moves. Again, don't worry about having to shift locations if necessary; it's not a big deal, and playing at multiple locations is commonplace down in So Cal to help keep the day fresh and fun.

Next on the agenda is our need for an event date. Typically, down in So Cal, I just snag a date and everyone has enough advance notice to get themselves there. However with this event, I want as many of you that want to make it to be able to so we can have the best Northern California event possible. So I'm laying out two options at the bottom of this post, all Saturdays. Please let me know in this planning thread which of the two (or both if you can) that you would be available for, and I'll set a date in stone within a week or so, depending on how quickly you all respond.

Eye protection is MANDATORY. None of this 18 and over optional business. I was knocked out last weekend by a nerf dart. As in blacked out from the impact. You have no choice in this matter. Wear eye protection, end of story. Make sure your friends bring something too.

Quick note on gun bans:
Bring more than one gun. Down in So Cal we have a set of rules, but I don't want to impede on whatever you people up there already have working for yourselves, so just bring more than one and if I deem that something is unsafe, I'll tell you so. Just don't bring singled Titans, Plugged Big Blasts, and Singled 5K's. Oh, and let's try to stay away from homemades. All else is fair game, including Nerf Swords, etc.

Wear comfortable clothing. Please limit yourselves to ONE article of of camouflage clothing. This is not mil-sim, and this is not woodsball. You will be playing in SCHOOLYARDS. Wear something you're comfortable wearing while engaging in physical activity. Ladies, please be modest. Guys, please please PLEASE be modest. You're not too sexy for that shirt, I promise you, and NO ONE likes butt cleavage. Wear a belt, or I'll shoot what shouldn't be showing. For serious.

Bottled water is a good idea. I can't promise that these schools will all have drinking fountains. Bring a sack lunch, or money to go grab something. DO NOT skip lunch; you will regret it, and I don't want to listen to you whining about being tired. Hell yes you're going to be tired, but not at 2 in the afternoon.

Lastly, I need YOU! I need ALL of you! Bring yourself, and bring some friends! All of those friends of yours that have been laughing at your silly little nerf gun hobby? Grab them and bring them, because this event, I promise you, is going to be one that will convince them that nerfing is fun and worth their time. I only ask that you supply yourself and all of those you bring with guns and darts. I cannot supply anyone with materials, as I live on a meager budget and will only be able to handle myself and the three people I'll be bringing along. If you don't have modified guns or play with stock guns because that's what you prefer, don't worry! Come anyway! Many a time, someone has shown up with stock guns and still done VERY well.

Time to get down to business. The dates we have to work with are:

June 20th

Please respond as quickly as you can so we can set this in stone and have some fun! Looking forward to meeting all of you there.


Attendance list:

>kdizzle1533 +2
>Falcon +3


>Just Some Bob
>Season of Foam Team

Spring Caff 2009

13 May 2009 - 12:16 PM

Greetings, gents!

It's time for our annual summer kickoff, California Foam Fest.

This also means it's time for another G-Town war. HUZZAH!

This year's CAFF, due to our monthly schedule, happens to be our Armageddon Warmup event. Case in point, we'll be playing at this year's main Armageddon location, Sellers Elementary School.

The date can't fluctuate much, so please try to see if you're available for the one I've selected. June's pretty hectic, so mark your calendars ASAP! In addition, the rest of the month is wide open. None of us want to show up to Armageddon without having nerfed in five weeks. The rest of the month is for YOU all to have your own local events to keep yourselves in shape.

Alright, here's the logistical bullcrap.

When: Saturday, June 6th
Sellers Elementary School
500 North Loraine Ave.
Glendora, CA 91741

Second half of the day is up in the air, location-wise. We'll see how it goes.

For any of you who've never been to a Southern California war and are interested in coming, this would be an EXCELLENT event for you to get your start at. Most everyone in your area is going to be there, and we're all willing to help you out in whatever area(s) you need. Modding advice,d artmaking, you name it. Don't be shy, come on over!

Season Of Foam Trip Map

30 January 2009 - 08:05 PM

Alright, this is how things are going to work. We are NOT taking any further requests for location to stop at because we can only afford three weeks on the road, and can't fit anything further into the road map. If you were under the impression that I had told you we would come to your location specifically, please EMAIL ME at tripmap@seasonoffoam.com DO NOT PM ME.

Alright, here is the schedule as it stands for the Season of Foam trip. I have not listed who we'll be staying with, specific addresses of war locations, or what we'll be doing between the events. That is a logistical nightmare that you don't need to worry about. If you've mentioned interest/a willingness to house the Season of Foam team for the night, you will be contacted shortly, so sit tight.

If you do not live at one of the locations listed, that's okay. Most of you don't. They are spread out to be REGIONAL events. Find the closest one to you, and use the five+ months' advance notice we're giving you to find a way to make it there. Further details (such as starting times for the events, etc.) will be posted at a later date.

In the meantime, NONE of these wars are going to need a planning thread, because the dates CAN NOT change. Some, such as Apocalypse, will have one any way, and you can make a corresponding planning thread if you wish, but it will be MUCH easier to keep all questions in this one thread. To post in this thread, include YOUR NAME AND LOCATION. DO NOT POST unless you are able (or planning on being able) to attend. List what war you are coming to, and how many (if any) fellow nerfers are coming with you.

If you have a question about one of the events BE SURE to list the event which you are asking about, and someone will answer your question accordingly.

ALL EVENTS, unless otherwise noted by their host, will be starting at 10:00 AM.

Here goes:

Armageddon X, Glendora, CA - July 11th, 2009p
Sellers Elementary School
500 N. Loraine Ave. Glendora, CA 91741

>Season of Foam team Leaves Southern California on Friday, July 17th

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Sacramento Area, CA - July 18th
El Pescadero Park‎
West Grant Line Road, Tracy, California <---Location Subject to Change by Falcon

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Seattle Area, WA - July 20th
Marymoor Park
6046 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA‎

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Vancouver, BC - July 21st
Location Pending

Season of Foam Nerf Out, St. Paul, MN - July 24th
Highland Park Disc Golf Course
Juniper Lane, St. Paul, MN 55116

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Royal Oak, MI - July 26th
Royal Oak Michigan - Local Park, exact address to be released at a later date

Season of Foam Nerf Out, ON, Canada - July 27th
Wildwood park
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Schenectady, NY - July 29th
Woodlawn Elementary School
3311 Wells Ave, Schenectady, NY 12304

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Ocean Gate, NJ - July 30th
Mill Creek County Park, NJ

Apocalypse 2009, Monmouth County, NJ - August 1stp
Deal Park
Monmouth County New Jersey (directions in thread)

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Augusta, GA - August 3rd
Garrett Elementary School
1100 Eisenhower Drive Augusta, Georgia 30904

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Topeka, KS - August 5th
Crestview Park
4801 SW Shunga Dr, Topeka, KS
Menninger Building Pending

Season of Foam Nerf Out, Arlington, TX - August 6th
Juan Seguin High School
7001 Silo Road Arlington, Texas 76002

Posted Image

Alright. PLEASE follow the instructions I have outlined above so that we can know what event you're asking about. If you can answer a question someone else has, please feel free to do so. If it's a question regarding coming to a location not listed, do not bother, the administrators will be asked to remove your post. Specific war location addresses will be listed at a later date to protect those who live at these locations.

This trip is for the entire community, so we need everyone to call in and let us know what's up. Please keep things orderly, so everyone can enjoy doing this together.

And with that, it's time to celebrate the Season.

Yours in Foam,

-Gregory "Falcon" Lammers

Lano Recap

25 January 2009 - 09:21 AM

As off-topic as those lyrics are, I think they pretty well describe yesterday's festivities. The first half of our day was played in light rain, and the rest on the wet grass at Pioneer Park, a first time for that location. Lots of sliding around on the grass, and LOTS of "peepin" and hidin'" in the range-oriented playground equipment...tons of fun.

I am SO fucking sore.

Yeah, that was awesome.

My count is a bit off because we had people coming and going late and early throughout the day, but I'm pretty confident that even without SorrowX's group and Watari & Co., we were pushing forty total for attendance today. There are at LEAST ~30 in the group photos on Soccerdog's camera...can't wait to see them!

Posted Image

Some major higlights from my day:
>9:00 arrival time Effeminate WIN. We didn't START at 9, by any means, but the 9:00 arrival time caused us to START our first round of the day AT 10:00. Now THAT is an accomplishment, and because of it, it felt like we played a LOT more before lunch break, and our lunch break was earlier than usual.
>Getting used to the Arrowstorm I got off of Bags courtesy of Cheeseboy while my crossbow was down for the count due to the coupler snapping off again.
>Blocking some eight incoming shots with the Scimitar.
>Being on the Receiving end of one of Fireshaw's two awesome CTF assists.
>Making the most Effeminate flag return run, like, ever courtesy of said assist, involving spinning a full 360 degrees ON my kneepads in the wet grass, sliding several feet across the sand, and several other ridiculous means of continuing my progress while dodging.
>Meeting all you fine new folk.
>Getting a chance to play somewhere new, though the park was basically standoff city.
>Watching Redhead come into his own. Dude...you're one of the most rock solid Nerfers the Knights have ever had.