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Big Blast Uses For The Rocket.

08 December 2007 - 05:04 PM


I have had a problem finding a nerfgun lately so hopelfully you can help me.

Our larp group is going to do a 40k larp, so we need the right nerf guns.
I was elected to become a special weapon trooper with a rocket launcher.
Not knowing what I signd up for I accepted it.

So my quest began for a nerf rocket launcher.
Our group quickly dismissed co2 launchers.
I then found the buzz bee big blast, it seemd like the gun for the job.
The rockets were o.k. and it only needed some cosmetics.

Unfortunately as many of you may of you may know it has crappy range., while using rockets.
I searched the forum and only found barrel replacement mods as to get rid of the rockets.
That is not an option for me so here comes my question.

Are there any mods for the big blast to boost up the range while stille using the rockets?

Thanks in advance.

Need A Nerfgun For Larp.

29 October 2007 - 08:32 AM


First of all I would like to say hallo to the nerfhaven community.

In a month I will participate in a 40k LARP event.
But I realy need advice about which gun I should take.

Our event will be outside, together with the fact that I live in holland dousn't help either.
I need a gun with a decent range, preferably with a Foam dart magazine. (estetics)

I will gladly mod the gun if it makes it better.

I hope you can help me out.