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In Topic: Ps3 Advocates

19 December 2008 - 06:24 AM

Little Big Planet! Seriously, it may seem like a kids game but it's alot of fun and with the player created levels it should have quite a bit of replayability. I've not used the level creator too much myself but the time I did spend with it was easy enough.

I'd also recommend Dead Space for users of both consoles, it does some great things with lighting and sound to set up the atmosphere. I wouldn't call it scary myself but it will make you jump at times and in between you'll have an intense feeling of unease, looking some times frantically for an enemy because the music started up. I'm on a second playthrough and I still find myself double checking corners and what not.

My PSN is SenorGuacamole but I don't play multiplayer too often, I tend to stick to Co-op and singleplayer.

In Topic: Official "show-off Your Crossbow" Thread

19 June 2008 - 11:01 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image

Name: N/A
Mods Done: Level 4 mod, barrel; 2" of 17/32" brass nested in 10" of 9/16" brass with pvc shroud as protection
Integrations: N/A
Comments: I had to repair a crack near the barrel on the right side casing, and recently rethreaded 6 of the screw holes for new screws as I had lost all but two of the originals. Painting was done after that, I used a mesh bag cut up to create the pattern, krylon fusion yellow was used for the base coat and I then added the blue and purple by laying the mesh stencil over the gun and lightly spray the gun with each color. Finished her off with a nice coat of clear for protection. I'll probably do some internal banding as the tubing I used previously would ruin the clean lines of the gun and probably wear away the paint near the cocking handle.

In Topic: Johnny Seven Oma And Sonic Blaster

16 May 2008 - 01:30 AM

Oi, I have two Jonny sevens, one complete, one only partially so. Fun guns but no real mod potential and considering what it costs to get your hands on one it'd be really a shame to mess one up. Besides, they're pretty much impossible to take apart and what with the brittleness of that old plastic using one in a war would mean certain destruction. Although now I wanna try making a nerf version...

In Topic: Cutting Plexiglass?

07 March 2008 - 08:08 PM

Use a coping saw! Kick it old school with hand powered tools. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than a scroll saw and with a bit of practice you can get similar results. Course if your just rolling in dough get the scroll saw, less sweating :D .

In Topic: Paintball

05 February 2008 - 07:06 PM

Only newbs use semi's. I have like $600+ into my ion and don't even use it. I use this instead
Because pumps rule. Plus I save money, used to use a whole case every time I went, now I get by on a half a bag.

Edit: Picture didn't want to resize, had to link it.