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Longshot Carbine

A spectre arms product

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#51 CrazyIvan VI

CrazyIvan VI


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Posted 06 December 2008 - 12:15 AM

Don't worry about it. The proper people have been PM'd. Stop posting and let it die.
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#52 najmodder0424



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Posted 06 December 2008 - 12:26 AM

Sweet mother of Jesus, naj-whatever, this topic has been necro'd before and now you go and post in it after 6 months. And on top of that there's even a direct COPY AND PASTE of part of the CoC right in the post above yours... I ask you: Are you looking to get banned?

Hmm, no I'm not. Yes, I just realized as soon as I hit the submit post button that this thread was from 2007. That was my fault and I apologize for it.
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#53 nerfer323



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Posted 08 July 2009 - 11:54 AM

it seems the same as ice's shorty longshot.
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#54 Talio


    Not your mother

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Posted 08 July 2009 - 11:56 AM

You're banned for 3 months for that.
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