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Anyone have any ideas?

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Posted 27 November 2005 - 04:37 PM

Ok tell me have you read the code of conducts yet because if you had then you would know that you are not supposed to post somthing that doesnt have anything to do with the topic. dont think im mean but you do not want the nerfhaven staff on your tail
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Posted 27 November 2005 - 06:16 PM

@Sponge_Nerfer: If you want to talk about your ball valve homemade, make a new topic for it. This topic is clearly for Traps, something you would have noticed had you bothered to read the title or any other posts in it. I also don't understand why so many people can't use forum code correctly. It is like HTML, you must close your tags: [/quote]

@drumsrock92: The COC also mentions the use of proper capitalization and punctuation. Your post was marginally better than Sponge_Nerfer's in terms of following the COC.

Now to get back on topic, which is what one should do after it has gone off in some other random direction. To sum up my earlier views on Traps: Certain traps are effective in certain locations and in certain types of wars. One kind of trap may be a waste of time in one game type while scoring multiple kills in another. Depends on the situation. Don't build traps for the sake of building traps; make them only if you know they have a chance of helping to swing the balance of a nerf fight in your favor. :mellow:
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