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The Battle for New York: NYC Invades Long Island

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Posted 19 September 2018 - 05:55 PM



October 20th 11AM

Otsego Park, Dix Hills, NY 11746


This is a collaborative war between NYCNO and NY Nerfherders. The game types will be a mix of those most popular with NYCNO (flag push, attack/defend, carpe) and Nerfherders (medic, multi-medic, battle royale). Both groups play 3:15 death match and HvZ regularly so these will be present as well. Expect a few unconventional game types too. 

The vast majority of the war will be casual just like any other. The only difference is that, in remaining true to our theme of invasion, the teams will almost always be NYC vs LI. We will try to balance the teams with blasters, shields and gear instead of switching players. 

There is no FPS cap. HPA and realistically painted blasters are not allowed. 

Shields are allowed with maximum dimensions of 2 x 4 feet. A grenade/mega dart hitting a shield will kill the shield holder. Shields may only be used with blasters that shoot under 90 FPS and have no jungled (taped) mags, hoppers or drums. 

There will be approximately one hour of competitive play that will take place later in the day. This will be the first nerf league match in the area. In this sense, there will actually be a true winner in the NYC vs Long Island War. 

The competition will consist of 3 game types.

NYCNO chose Flag Push with 3 lives. There will be 3 rounds for 2 points each.

Nerfherders chose Medic. There will be 3 rounds for 2 points each.

The third round is the traditional competitive game mode of 1 life death match. There will be 5 rounds for 1 point each. In the event of a tie, one more final round of 1 life death match will be played to determine the winner.

There will be a limit of 1 shield per team in the competitive rounds. 

Though this seems like a lot of games, 1-life death match games typically take a minute each. Medic games typically last fewer than 2 minutes and flag push games rarely go past 5 minutes. Altogether, the competitive game time should be under 30 minutes plus the time to reload. 

I encourage all nerf players to come to this event since the vast majority of it will be very casual just like any other war. 

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Posted 20 September 2018 - 04:33 PM

I updated the start time and location from your facebook page.  Please fix it if anything needs to be corrected.  Would also be helpful to know where to go in the park and how to get to the staging area.

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