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NYC Nerf Ops 5: Foamcoming (Saturday April 29th)

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 06:47 PM

The NYC Nerf Ops FB group is stoked to announce our next superstock war.


Date: 4/29/2017, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: 40.782278, -73.963951 (Manhattan, Central Park)

Blaster ruleset: Superstock (~150fps max), melee weapons permitted

Game rotation: 3-15, Turf War, Sticks and Stones, Harambe Escort, Flag Push


Up-to-date info and non-NIC attendee list are available on the Facebook group page.

No rain date - the war continues in all weather. 
The battlefield is a five-minute walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The venue is a small, open field surrounded by trees. There's a lot more cover than a standard public park, enough to make Rival blasters competitive.

- Primary blaster. See Weapon Info below.
- At least 200 rounds of STOCK ammo. Homemade and modified ammo is banned.
- Eye protection. All players must have safety goggles. Glasses, toy goggles, and masks are not sufficient.

- Water. There are no water fountains or 'street meat' stands nearby.
- A pistol, melee weapon, shotgun, or bow for Sticks and Stones
- 500+ rounds of ammo
- Garbage bags, for cleanup

- Blasters must be colorful. 
- We highly recommend using modified flywheel blasters.
- Melee weapons must be fully padded, including the shaft and pommel.
- See below for info about the "Sticks and Stones" special weapon restrictions.

The first round begins when four players arrive. We generally alternate elimination with objective games. After each round, we will have 10 minutes of downtime, or 20 if we need to sweep.

Game rules:


Turf War Elimination:
- Teams may have any number of players. Each team decides on a color.
- Each team has ten shared lives. When you're hit, yell your team color and your team's new life total.
- 15-second respawns
- When your team runs out of lives, all team members are eliminated.

Sticks and Stones Elimination:
- 5-15 ruleset
- You may only use pistols, melee weapons, shotguns, and bows.
- Nerf Clip System blasters and compatible blasters are not pistols.
- The Nerf Apollo is not a pistol.
- Shotguns must fire at least two darts with every trigger pull.

Harambe Escort:
- Objective: Escort Harambe to freedom, or gun him down.
- Harambe the gorilla has two lives and is unarmed. Other players have infinite lives and may use any blaster.
- While Harambe is standing still and beating his chest, he is invincible.
- Harambe is escorted by four memelords. The remaining players are zookeepers.
- Harambe begins at Point A. If he touches Point B, the memelords win. If he dies, the zookeepers win.
- Memelords respawn in 15 seconds. Zookeepers respawn in 30 seconds.

Flag Push:
- Objective: Attackers attempt to carry the flag from Point A to Point B. Defenders must hold them off for ten minutes.
- Attackers begin at Point A. Defenders begin at point B. All players have infinite lives.
- Attackers respawn by touching Point A. Defenders respawn by counting to 15 WHILE touching Point B.
- Before the timer begins, defenders have 30 seconds to set up and may position themselves anywhere on the battlefield.
- Defenders may not touch the flag, except to stand it up.
- To carry the flag, an attacker must hold it in one hand, clearly visible. Nothing else may be carried in that hand.
- When an attacker is hit, he or she must immediately drop the flag.

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