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RI Nerf War - Year 4 Kick off

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Posted 16 April 2018 - 12:02 PM

This will be our first event of 2018!

Rhode Island Summer Nerf league April War


To RSVP and for more info go to the https://www.meetup.c...ents/247547598/


- Saturday April 28, 2018

- Starts at 12pm and end around 5pm


- 297 New Meadow Road, Barrington, RI. Park in the side lot, we play behind the building.


- This is an all ages game so bring the appropriate attitude. If no younger players show up, let loose, but if they do; show the appropriate level of respect


- Stock blasters are welcome

- Modded blasters are permitted and encouraged
- No homemades

- Melee weapons are permitted as long as they are deem safe by the organizer


- stock or knockoff darts only
- full length, straw mod is ok but no other dart mods



1. Don't be a jerk (This is the most important rule)
2. Don't be a jerk (Seriously, poor sportsmanship will get you asked to leave)
As a side note, I have never asked anyone to leave, we have a very good group of players.
3. Provide your own equipment, there may be loaner blasters available for first timers or guests, but in general, you are responsible for providing your own equipment. This includes blasters, darts, magazines, and other various equipment. I recommend marking your darts with your initials as well as marking your blasters and accessories.
4. Bring water.
5. BRING WATER, I don't care if it's 40 degrees out, you will be running around, you will be exercising, you will get tired and you will need to stay hydrated.
6. Bring something for lunch or some snacks if you want to eat in between rounds.
7. Melee weapons may be approved for use based on game type, number of players, and the nature of the melee weapon itself. Don't count on getting to use melee if you bring it, I will let you know once I see it and have games planned out.
8. Home made blasters/darts and modified darts are not allowed. We play Superstock games. Modified blasters are fine as long as they are within roughly 130 FPS. This rule is strictly enforced. No home mades. We have a lot of younger players with access to nothing but stock load outs and they want to have fun too.
9. FOR PARENTS: We are not responsible for your children. We are not a summer camp or official organization, just a group of Nerf enthusiasts who invite anyone else to enjoy our hobby with us. This is a 5 hour event, please plan to be here if you need to be, and plan transport for children you are comfortable leaving with the group.
10. The games we play and the group is appropriate for kids ages 10+. That being said, we have adult players, teenagers, and kids between 10 and 13 that come on a regular basis. Understand that we have a very diverse age group. Older kids and adults are asked to keep their language appropriate for the youngest player, and all players are to be respected regardless of age.

11. EYE PROTECTION IS REQUIRED. If you don't have eye protection, you cannot play. No exceptions. This is part of bringing your own equipment, we do not have loaner eye protection. Nerf makes facemasks that can be purchased for $15 at the nearby target or walmart.


Game types

-Team Slayer

- Capture the Flag (with a pair big flags)

- King of the Hill (with 3 time cubes)

- Free for all games (make allies at your own risk)

- Pistol Rounds

- One in the chamber

- Payload

- Twilight (Multi team game like zombies where there are a lot of team switching)

- other assorted types

If there is any questions feel free to post them or, message me or the organizer on meetup

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