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War Socal diy class nic

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Posted 02 August 2018 - 05:42 PM


Rolling Hills Park, Fullerton, CA
2700 Maple, Fullerton CA 92835

August 25
9:30 am

Armageddon rules: the gold standard. Copied below, with a few additions.

Slugs and safer darts only. No metal is preferred but I understand that to maximize attendance while keeping it safe I need to keep this restriction more open. If you do make slugs, use #6 washers and not #8 washers.
If you use larger ammo, like megas or similar, keep them soft-tipped by the same guidelines as above.
If you are using silicone dome darts, they must be soft tips.
Keep total dart weight under 1.3g, too, if you're shooting 1/2" darts.
You are also free to use stock-style darts, obviously. China Darts as reviewed by Cheerios are fine. No FVJ/FVN/whatever type of darts have a rock hard rubber/vinyl tip. The tip of the dart needs to be soft.

Everyone is welcome to come, veterans and newcomers alike. I'm not going to outright ban people younger than 13, but if you plan on bringing someone who is, you are responsible for them all day and you are especially responsible for them remaining safe (hydrated and wearing eye protection). S.C.U.N. wars tend to run a little rougher/more fast paced sometimes than stock/super stock. Keep that in mind if you bring your young ones. Diy class can sting abit.

Blaster rules:
HOMEMADE AIRGUNS: Case-by-case basis. It is highly recommended that you talk to me beforehand (send me a PM or something). I'm very understanding.

TITANS: You may use them if they fire missiles (stock or Draconis or whatever) or balls. They must not be firing darts, of any size.

LBB/4B/UMB/SIMILAR: You may use them if they have the functional stock OPRV.

SUPER SOAKERS/SIMILAR: Do not bring them. If they shoot darts, they're too powerful. If they shoot water, people get mad.

SCEPTORS: If you want to use a Sceptor, make it colorful. Make it look as little like a paintball gun as possible. Wrap the tank in denim or something. If you replace the tank or pump, the OPRV must be kept at the same pressure and the tank volume may not be made any larger (stock is about 800cc).

SUPERMAXX 2000/5000/9000: Do whatever. It's fine. I hope you don't blow up your tank.

TACTICOOL GEAR: vests and mag pouches are fine, even some camo is too, but we aren't running anything milsim. Save that stuff for the airsoft field. If you think your kit is too realistic/threatening then gussy it up with some neon ducttape or flagging tape. If you look like you came off an honest to goodness battlefield or I decide your gear is excessive I'm going to ask you to leave.

MELEE WEAPONS: Don't bring anything larger than nerf brand swords or Mashoongas (if they still exist.)
If you are running a melee weapon you MUST carry a loaded blaster.

SHIELDS: Hits on shields count as hits on you if you plan to use them. I'm nostalgic enough to say that Manta Rays count as actual shields against 1/2" darts, though.

Anything else?
1.) To stop a round for safety reasons, yell out the word "HOLD". If you hear someone call "HOLD", STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY. At any time during a round, anyone can call "Hold", which will temporarily stop that round. Players should repeat the call of Hold so that all other players hear, until the round stops completely. If a pedestrian is walking through the field, if a player is injured or if there is some other threat to personal safety, you are obligated to call hold. You can call a hold to pause the game and sort out some issue that is not a matter of personal safety, but do not abuse it.
2.) No barrel taps allowed. Barrel taps are how you absolutely gouge someone with a brass barrel and take out a chunk of skin. Barrel taps are how you break the barrel and bushing off your blaster. You can shoot them from point-blank, or you can ask them to take the hit. Don't touch them with your blaster.

The standard fair. Pistol rounds. Some freeze tag. Maybe king of the hill. Maybe some stock ammo only rounds.
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Posted 02 August 2018 - 09:53 PM

It's not super far for me, but I'm curious about turnout. Do you have a group that normally shows up to these kind of wars, or is this more of a yearly thing? If we can get a few of us with modified stuff, it should be really fun. 

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Posted 03 August 2018 - 01:09 AM

There are a few Socal groups running events on a regular basis these days. Attendance is always up in the air but we usually get a handful of people to show up at least.
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