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[WA] WWU Minigames Pt. 1 - Sat Feb 4th - Bellingham, WA

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Posted 15 January 2017 - 11:51 PM

*** DISCLAIMER *** I am not the host. Not affiliated with hosts.



Main FB Event:



There are two games, one month apart:

Part One: Feb 4th 

(This event listing is for part one)


Part Two: March 4th

Facebook: https://www.facebook...79981668846074/

NerfHaven: http://nerfhaven.com...-bellingham-wa/




Open to the general public. 



Saturday March 4, 2017




10am - 4pm




Check the FB event for where they meet initially. 

They play all over the entire freakin college campus though.


They will have a college classroom where they meet and go over rules of play, and you'll be able to keep your stuff in this room during play. At the game last year, they had a moderator in this room at all times to guard against theft. 



A student group on a college campus in Bellingham.


(again, I am just some guy on the internet, i'm not the hosts)

(however, I *am* a host of THIS game... )



Eye Protection: 

NOT required. 




I went last year, and they played four game rounds throughout the day, only two of which had zombies in them, the other two were team-based pvp. I dunno what will be played this year. 




Banned/Allowed Blasters

Blasters are banned on the college campus based on if their shadow/silhouette looks too realistic. The game staff maintains a whitelist of allowed blasters. Anything not on the whitelist is banned. That list is here: http://wwuhumansvszombies.com/arsenal.php (also: Ignore the part about electric blasters - they are not restricted at these two events)


(I talked to an organizer, and they said this is a restriction imposed on them by the campus police. )



No Modded Blasters:

Blasters cannot have ANY **internal** modifications. Totally stock internals only!

**External** mods such as picatinny rail adapters, recon pump grips, etc are allowed though.


Painted Blasters: 

Painting is discouraged but not banned outright. If a blaster is painted, the paint MUST be LIGHTER colors than the original blaster. Orange plastic counts as white. No realistic metallic paint (silver, gunmetal etc) but other metallic colors are allowed (gold, copper, etc)




No off-brand darts of any kind. stock actual-nerf-darts only. Additionally, due to risk of eye injury, Nerf-brand Velcro-tipped dart tag darts are banned unless you individually remove the velcro from each dart tip.



Tacticool Gear:

Tactical vests/MOLLE gear is Allowed. HOWEVER: Camo patterns currently in use by the US military are NOT allowed (digicam/acu), but retired camo patterns (woodland camo, etc) and foreign military camo patterns (flecktarn, etc) are allowed. Solid colors such as black, OD green, desert tan, grey, etc. are also allowed.


(I talked to an organizer, and they said this is a restriction imposed on them by the campus police. )




Have a question? 

Please ask it on the official WWU Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/805451499572130/



Attendance List: 

As of this posting, 20 people on the Facebook event are marked as attending Part one, and 

As of this posting, 15 people on the Facebook event are marked as attending Part two.



Again, those FB events are here:

Part One, Feb 4th: https://www.facebook.com/events/265051450575132/

Part Two, March 4th: https://www.facebook.com/events/679981668846074/

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