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Nj War Recap

Fun Day

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#1 Silencer



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 03:16 PM

Thought I might start another thread because of the photos that poeple took. Overall it was a great day, the weather kept up and everyone had a great time.

Playing a bunch of different game types
Getting many hits with my big blast
Me and DX winning the first round 2 v. 3
Taking out two of Queef's lives int he first round
Meeting new faces such as Mind and Ecna and their brothers
One of the brothers running from a barrel tap so I point blanked him
Some drugees not making fun of us
There are plenty more, I'll list at another time

Some little kid stealing one of our flags when we weren't looking.
Getting kicked off the playgrounds by some children
Getting hit by DX's maxshot plenty of times
Queef hitting me with his AT2K in the leg from 10 ft away
My SM1500 sucking in Siege
And I think that's it
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#2 mind13



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 04:08 PM

That was great. Thanks for hosting.

Meeting every body.
Winning while teamed up with DX.
Seeing a few blasters which I now want to purchase.

Being pelted by Silencer's Big blast and DX's max shot.
Coming home.
While playing Human vs. Zombie I was shot by two humans in the face at the same time.

By the way Dx I want that gun.

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#3 keef



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 05:08 PM

Great war, except Tim kept asking to give me a rimjob, even in front of his Dad and Sis when being picked up. Hes gross, I know. (payback)

Using my longshot, and loving it.
My TTG actually worked!
My 2k being sucha whore. I think every except Silencer and Dux used it for a round.
Making $5.
Echnalaid's Double NF, that thing is so cool...
Applying what I saw of Evil's amazing dodging to my game (slightly).
Siege rounds, and the last pistol round.
The hoodrats by the staging area not being asses, and thought it was pretty cool.
Doing around 12 rounds or more.

Encalaid's little brother barely playing, and when he did, he poke my ass. I feel violated, still.
Having my 3k break.
Not have my 2k plugged.
Maturity level.
Random Dart jams in my clip.
Not having Chalywong and Ice.
Little wait between rounds...

But this war was really fun.
Way less planned out wars I like. I liked how it was pretty loose, and played what everyone felt up too.

Pictures :P 22 so far...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Yes, there are a lot, and more. Ecnalaid and Kevin took some.
They are decent size pics, get over it. Most screens are 12+ inches anyways.

Sorry for double posting. Picture limit...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thats it for me.

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#4 PvtMcFlurry



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 07:07 PM

I recognize that field. :) Sorry we couldn't make it we just got home about 15 minutes ago. I'm trying to keep my schedule open for the 31st.
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#5 Echnalaid



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Posted 16 August 2008 - 09:07 PM

That was fun. My legs still have giant welts that look and feel like mosquito bites.
Here are a some photos me and my brother took. We took a lot, but I only chose the highlights of this war.
Posted Image
keef's Longshot.
Posted Image
keef's AT2K. I like this, it's very fun to use.
Posted Image
keef's Tech Target. I used this in our fort style battle.
Posted Image
Mind13's double Nite Finder. keef is holding my double Nite Finder.
Posted Image
Silencer and his Nite Finder. I think.
Posted Image
keef's holding his AT2K, and the little one is Mind13's brother holding an AT3K.
Posted Image
Me and Silencer shooting each other. I'm holding a crossbow (not nerf) and he's shooting his big blast.
Posted Image
DX's Max Shot. That hurts like hell! And he didn't even open it up!
Posted Image
Mind13's double Nite Finder
Posted Image
DX has Mind13's brother hostage.
Posted Image
DX is hungry. For foam forcefully shot by an AT2K.
Posted Image
Me and the AT3K.
Posted Image
My Hornet. It serves me well.
Posted Image
Silecer's Big Blast.
Posted Image
Silencer's Super Max 1500.

The funniest thing that happened.
(DX aims his Max Shot at me)
Me- Ahh! Don't shoot! I'll do it myself!
(I take the weapon I'm holding and shoot myself in the head.)

The Painful Hits
I was shot 3 times in the left leg by DX and hi Big Blast, there are still welts.
I was shot in the neck by Silencer's big blast.
I was shot in the head when Silencer's stefan rebounded against a bar.
I was shot in the eye by keef's Longshot. Thankfully I wore goggle.
I was shot point blank at my crotch by Mind13's brother for no reason. Couldn't walk straight for 18 seconds. And it was a direct hit.

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#6 xeorogue



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Posted 17 August 2008 - 02:39 PM

I am sitting on the beach writing this to you but i am very upset that i couldn't make this one. I was very busy driving down the shore(shit took 3 hours to get here w/ traffic) but i am glad you guys had fun and will definately be making it to the 31st.
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#7 DX-Robert


    formerly DX

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Posted 18 August 2008 - 11:41 PM

Getting more hits than ever before in a single war, for some reason I was super-accurate that day. Even had an intimidation factor going for the max shot, showered hits all day long.
Finding impossible angles in the playgrounds and making many of them.
The first pistol round, it was like a turkey shoot.
The CTF round - we rushed in, took the flag, and rushed out.
Trying a lot of different types of rounds.
Getting lost in New York on the way out - which was really fun - was in the bottom of Ground Zero, saw the Empire State Building, UN, and other places mostly by accident. Took 3 crossings of the Hudson to get the PATH line right...

Shooting my barrel right off and over the fence during a siege round.
The long lag tme in between some rounds.
The train ride in at 5:30 in the morning.
Having the double playground round stopped by the little kids.
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