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My Take On Dayko's Double Nitefinder

Yeah, I hit that

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#26 BustaNinja



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Posted 13 June 2008 - 10:38 PM

Just some advice to everyone who's painting with thin, light, paints, do a white base coat, and then paint your main color.

I like the more worn look, and thin? the paint I used was CRAP.

It goes on in a super think layer, then runs like crazy. But it is pretty. What I will sacrifice for that neon green color... *cries*
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#27 A side of nerf

A side of nerf

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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:08 PM

I'm thinking that "cathunk" in the middle of the plunger travel is the culprit for your poor ranges. you're likley losing a lot of your gained air pressure at that point as the seal is broken.

He is right, I built one about a month ago and didn't put a larger spring in there. Sadly I made the gun un-openable by glueing certain parts on. Your gun is still really cool, here is a picture of mine.
Posted Image
Mine is fugly, but it works.
I wonder who else has made Dayko's Double Nitefinder.
-A side of nerf
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#28 mystefansdontflystraight



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:14 PM

I tried and failed. The violated remains of it are glued to the bottom of my DTG as my indoor primary.
I had the same problem about the plunger tubes staying together. It didn't occur to me to replace the tube all together.
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It's just screaming to be rearloading...

I seen a movie about that once.

#29 Galaxy613



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:28 PM

An idea on how to keep the tube togeather, get two strips of duct-tape, connect the two tubes with them, one piece of tape on one side, the other on the other side, keeping the two tubes connected. Once you got them aligned and everything with the duct tape, get super glue and use it on the exposed tube connection that aren't duct taped. Once the glue has dried you can use heavier duty epoxy or what not to finish glueing them togeather. Hopefully someone understood me.

Basicly, you duct tape it, not COMPLETELY, but enough to keep the two tubes connected and streight. You glue them togeather while they are streight, and take off the duct tape and finish gluing.

Once I get back from camp in two weeks, I wanna try to get another night finder and do this. The only problem I have is finding a good replacement spring.. I might have to buy a AR15 spring because I've checked Lowes and ACE, neither place has any good NF replacement springs. :lol:

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