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  R.S.C.B. Barrel Assembly Mod


This strikingly simple barrel assembly works on most guns, but functions best with air-powered guns. It is an efficient way to greatly increase ROF, while maintaining range. If the 2nd removable clip is also constructed, one can achieve 14 shots (with 1.5” micro stefans) before needing to reload. *Range: 90ft + or - 5 feet on my AT2k; (very minimal range difference between this 14 shot AT2K ,and the typical 4 barreled AT2k.) It’s glorious, fully functional, and easy as pie to construct. The back part of the assembly also works as a comfortable stock- resting on one's shoulder, and dramatically increases accuracy.

Pieces needed:
- ½” PVC ‘T’ Coupler
- ½” PVC ‘L’ Coupler
- ½” Brass or PVC Ball valve (preferably Brass)
- 11” piece of threaded SCH80 PVC (sold that way)
- An extra foot of ½” PVC which will later be cut into different sized sections used to connect the couplers
- 6” of PETG or 6-8” of 9/16th brass, or THIRST's Copper.
- Plumber’s goop. *(2nd clip info. found at step #11.)


1. Now, Take your 11 piece of SCH80 PVC and cut one of the threaded ends off.
2. Now take some sand paper or a dremel, and sand out both ends of the PVC slightly.
3. Now screw the threaded end into your ball valve and put a ring of goop around the seal.
4. Then cram the other end of your PVC into the T Coupler so that the ball valves handle is situated in a way that will be comfortable to open and close during battle, keeping in mind that the T coupler should be facing down. (I prefer to have the handle on top apposed to on the side) Goop around the connection.
5. Now, wrap the end of your at2k (or other gun) valve in a layer of tape, and goop about 2-3 of PVC onto it. (the length depends on how far you want the barrel to protrude out of the gun)
6. Once dry, put your L coupler onto your 2-3 PVC section coming off of that at2k valve so the open end of the coupler is facing perfectly up, and goop in place.
7. Cut a piece of PVC 2-3 long to connect your T coupler and your L coupler. This varies as to how high you want the barrel to be, or if you want it flush against the casing of the at2k. Line everything up and goop all remaining connections. (You may also want to secure the barrel on top with a line of goop on ONE SIDE of the casing so you can still open the gun or Duct tape/Zip-ties or whatever you fancy will all work.)
8. Now take your PETG /Brass/ or Copper barrel, and a 2 piece of PVC. Wrap the barrel in one layer of tape, and place the PVC section over it so that the brass protrudes about a quarter inch from the PVC on one end. Goop in place.
9. Once dried, sand out the end of the barrel where the darts will enter first (the side that only protrudes a quarter inch out) Dont overdue it though, you just want to make it a little bigger at the end. Push your barrel into the front end of the T coupler, goop around the seal, and voila, your barrel assembly is complete.
10. To use properly, tilt the gun facing down, open the ball valve, place as many darts as will fit, close ball valve, pump the gun while facing down, shoot, face down again and prime, shoot etc until out of ammo, and repeat.
11. If you would like to add a secondary clip to your barrel as shown in the pictures, Simply buy another piece of threaded SCH80 PVC of the desired length, buy 2 of SCH40 PVC, a PVC coupler, and a MnMs Mini.


12. Cut off the back of the back end of the MnMs Mini container, and cram it into the coupler. Goop it into place.
13. Now Hammer, (yes hammer) the threaded end of your sch80 section of PVC into your 2 long section of PVC until it is securely in. (3 or 4 hard hits, till you no longer see anything threaded.)
14. Now push your tipped section into the coupler, goop it in place, and screw the other end of the section into the ball valve and you have a removable second clip.
15. To use: Open MnMs Mini Cap and ball valve- load as many darts will fit in your first clip and close ball valve, then fill 2nd chamber and close MnMs cap. Now use all of your shots in the first chamber, open ball valve while the gun is facing down, listen for a *thud*, and close the ball valve. You have now refilled the chamber. Rinse Repeat. TADA.



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