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Nerf SplitFire

Nerf Splitfire

Splitfire 6" brass barrel mod:

Disclaimer: Much of this has been done before. Props to YakMan for his excellent mods site.

My goal was to replace the stock barrels on the Splitfire with brass tubing and increase the working pressure of the air system. The barrels are brass tubing as found in hobby shops (sold as 9/16" OD) and they fit micro stefans nicely.


Not much inside the case

The gun is pretty simple inside. Not much to do with it but plug the release valve on the end of the pump tube with a little hot glue and give it better barrels. I sawed the original barrels off about a half inch forward from where they first constrict. The X's and posts can be pulled out easily with the barrels removed. It's easy to damage the valve on this gun by sticking something in the hole leading to the pressure tank. Don't do that.

After sawing off the stock barrels

I wasn't sure exactly how long to make the barrels so I plugged the pump tube and pumped it until it got pretty hard to push in - about 11 pumps. This compares to about 4 pumps for my modded SM1500. By measuring the volume of the pump tubes, multiplying by the number of pumps, and dividing by two for the two pressure tanks of the Splitfire, I determined that each pressure tank on the Splitfire holds 90% of the air volume of the SM1500. Not bad for a pistol! My 1500 has 6" brass barrels that are a bit too short and suffers from mild overpressure problems at 4 pumps. Sounds like 6" x 1/2" barrels would be a great fit for the Splitfire!

Posing with the new 6" barrels

As luck would have it, the brass tubing I use is sold in 12" chunks so I just sawed one in half and polished up the cut ends a bit. At this point I also plugged up two holes that I almost missed. At the base of the barrels are two very small holes drilled through the barrels and the rings that held in the X's. More evidence of Nerf overengineering their guns and then disabling them at the last moment with little holes all over the place. Anyhow, a little hot glue solved the problem.

Finished product! Not quite...

I wrapped the barrels in electrical tape at the base and at the point where they would be emerging from the stock barrels. Having achieved a tight fit, I wedged the tubing into the small barrel stubs so that they rest against the rings that used to hold in the X's. Then I pushed the stock barrels over the tubing until it was more or less back how Nerf intended it. A bead of hot glue around the joint where I'd cut the barrels off stabilized things nicely. Let it cool and back in the case - done! Hmm... that is still one ugly-ass alien slime throwing case.

That's more like it

Ahh... that's better. I downloaded a seamless wallpaper tile from Propaganda, tiled it in Photoshop and adjusted it into a green palate so it would be color accurate through the green translucent plastic. After printing I exacto'd it to fit the inside of the front half of the gun. The back half has an interior coating of gloss black paint. Not bad eh? I liked it so much I immediately did the cosmetic half of the same mod for my other Splitfire.

Seperated at birth

The finished product. Boutros Boutros Ghali has his barrels already and Future Knight will get his tomorrow.


I range tested it with micro stefans, 10 pumps and a level shot on concrete - average of 6' of 'skipping' travel after they first hit the ground:

100', 8 1/4"
105', 9 1/2"
97', 2 1/4"
95', 8 1/4"

Average: 99', 10"



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