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Nerf SuperMaxx 750

SuperMaxx 750

SuperMaxx 750 PETG barrel replacement mod:

My goal was to replace the stock barrel on the SM750 with 6" x 1/2" PETG tubing and increase the working pressure of the air system. The barrel material is very difficult to find and can be replaced with 9/16" OD K&S brand brass tubing for very similar performance.


First I opened the gun by carefully prying off the plastic rings around the barrel and the pump tube. After opening it I plugged the overpressure release valve in the pump so as to achieve a higher pressure in the air tank. Simply place a dab of hot glue in the circular opening on the end of the pump tube - make sure it doesn't extend out beyond the plastic. After plugging the valve you will be able to blow your air tank with over-pumping so I'd stick to 3 or 4 pumps max.

Next I pulled out all the junk from the stock barrel, cut a 6" piece of 1/2" ID PETG tubing, wrapped one end a few times with electrical tape, and jammed it all the way back to the valve in the air tank. Before closing it back up I removed the bottom bar from the trigger guard to make a bit more room for my fingers.

It's really that simple. Shove a properly weighted (3/0 split shot or 1/4" steel slingshot ammo) micro stefan down the barrel and get ready to put the hurt on.


I range tested it with micro stefans, 4 pumps and a level shot on concrete:

long: 91', 1"
short: 73', 10"

Average: 84', 7"



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