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Nerf SuperMaxx 1500

2001 Nerf SuperMaxx 1500

2001 SuperMaxx 1500

SuperMaxx 1500 4-barrel brass tubing mod:

Disclaimer: Most if not all of this has been done before. I make no claims of originality for these mods. Blah blah blah.

My goal was to replace the stock barrels on the SM1500 with 6" x 1/2" brass tubing and increase the working pressure of the air system. The barrels are brass tubing as found in hobby shops (sold as 9/16" OD) and it turns stefan micros into a rain of death.


First I plugged the overpressure release valves in the pump so as to achieve a higher pressure in the air tank. Then I had to modify the factory trigger mechanism to make it strong enough to relieve the higher tank pressure. I cut a drinking straw down to about 5/8" and slit it lengthwise. Then stuck it under the trigger spring and wrapped the whole deal in electrical tape. Makes a real firm connection between the trigger and the air release rod without hacking things up too much. Then I removed the black thingy from around the stock barrels, sawed off the orange barrel bases, and hot glued 6" PVC in their place. The black thingy went back on to make them straight. After it was all cooled down I cut 6" sections of the brass tubing and wrapped them at either end in electrical tape till they just barely fit in the PVC. Hot glued the ends so they don't fall out.

Ahhh... nothin like the unholy glow of brass tubing!


I range tested it with micro stefans, 4 pumps and a level shot:

91', 1/4"
93', 1/2"
93', 2 3/4"
95', 4 1/2"
95', 9 1/4"

Average: 93', 8 1/4"



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