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Basic Homemade Valve

This is a basic homemade pull valve, which costs very little, and replaces ball and solenoid valves, and the basic concepts of which can be applied to Selector Switches, semi-auto valves, any number of things.

So, basic construction:

So, take some kind of punch, like a nail or some sharp spike, and mark the EXACT center of the endcap's circular end with it. Drill a hole through with the drill bit, and test to make sure the 1/4" Metal rod can slide through it easily.

Cut off a piece of the 5/8"OD Vinyl tubing, about 2-3cm. Apply a very small lining of Plumber's Goop around the inside of the endcap. Apply a tiny bit around the vinyl tubing stub, and push it into the endcap, all the way. Now, push the O-ring into the tubing, all the way, so you can see through the hole in the center of both the O-ring and endcap. Now, apply a bit of a lining of glue on the inside of the 5/8"OD Vinyl tubing, cut a 2-3cm piece of the 1/2"OD Vinyl tubing, and push that into the 5/8" Tubing, all the way, until it hits the O-ring. You should have a bit of Plumber's goop between the O-ring and the 1/2"OD tubing; This is a good thing.

Now, apply a bit of Plumber's Goop or PVC Glue all the way around the outside of the CPVC endcap, as well as one of the inside ends of the 3/4" PVC. Push the endcap in, O-ring side out, with either the clamp or the hammer. Repeat for the other side and other endcap.

Let this dry a day or so, then apply some grease or jelly to the inside surface of the O-rings, and a bit to the outside of the Metal Rod. Push the metal rod into one end of the Valve, and out the other. Poof. You have a valve.

Now, to get the air in. You can either drill a 3/16" hole in the side of the valve, and with a little patience, twist in, then Plumber's Goop in, a piece of 1/4"OD Vinyl Tubing, or do something similar with brass tubing or a piece of 1/4" PVC Rod. Either way, anything that will allow you to hook the thing to a pump or seperate air tank. You could even have a 3/4" PVC Tee between the two parts of the valve! Anything that will work.

So, you now have a valve that cost you under $5 to make. Congratulations!

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